I am tired of things never ending. Not angry tired, just exhausted tired. It might seem like a far fetched idea for many, but I want some of my favorite pieces of media to end. TV shows, books, comics, video games, ect. they all just seem to keep going forever or they are continually brought back from the dead. Either way they seem to just lose more and more of that original spark that made me fall in love with them in the first place.

While something ending always leaves a bitter sweet taste it provides a sense of closure. This story and these characters have had their finale and it is okay to leave it that way. Not only that, but it makes the story to be much more revisitable when you have 4 seasons or a TV show instead of 15. Some major franchise look as if they will never end. They started before I was born and maybe still going strong even after I have passed. Of course though it will all continue, they make money or pull in numbers or what not but I want my stories to end. It almost seems like a lost art by this point, to be able to create and execute a story arc to completion.