Netflix has recently announced the lineup of shows and movies coming in July and one movie in particular has caused some stir among the internet.  To The Bone, features Lily Collins as a girl battling an eating disorder and having to go to the hospital and help center because of it.

The trailer showed Collins start by counting calories and then becoming so malnourished she collapses.  The film first premiered at Sundance Film Festival and will be available to stream to the general public on July 14.  So why the controversy?  Well it follows the same pattern as 13 Reasons Why did back in March.  For 13 Reasons Why, people said it glamorized suicide, for To The Bone the argument is that it might glamorize eating disorders.  Collins character grows thinner and thinner because of her eating disorder, and people think that if someone sees this they too may develop an unhealthy relationship with food.  While this is a serious concern, the trailer was 2 minutes and 23 seconds.  This is hardly enough for viewers to know in which direction this film goes.

The films writer and director Marti Noxon and Lily Collins have both discussed their past with eating disorders and have both stated that this films shows the dangers of having one, rather than glamorizing a malnourished young girl.  Whether or not this message will come across is yet to be seen.  Watch the film for yourself on July 14 on Neflix, until then here is the trailer.