If you haven’t been keeping up with Spike’s “The Mist” here’s the tl;dr: episode 3 leaves us on the cliffhanger that promises us a seriously exciting episode 4!

Why stress the anticipation of the new episode in a recap and review of last week’s episode? Because it’s no secret that we have been extremely underwhelmed by the season thus far, but episode 3 gave us the build up to the call to action we’ve been waiting for, so kudos to them for a successful cliffhanger.

The episode starts typically enough with the characters at each location verbally recounting their problems and directives, mainly Kevin Copeland and Adrian refocusing on getting to Eve and Alex at the mall, and Alex telling Eve she’s so overwhelmed with everything happening that she doesn’t really feel anything, but they both agree staying with the larger mall group is dangerous, unpredictable, and plain uncomfortable.

Their concerns are confirmed in a seperate scene they don’t even witness when the mall manager and security guards go with Jay to examine the out-of-towners that hung thenselves in the bathroom at the end of the last episode. Instead of being adults and taking responsibility and leadership during a crisis, they let the teenager cut down the dead bodies — did this feel weird to anyone else?

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We don’t know if it’s so awful it’s funny, but they cart the bodies around in shopping carts. First it’s anounced they’ll put them in the freezer at the grocery, but they end up being put outside as a way to study The Mist.

The Mist – Spike

 As noted in our last article, there was still a third out of towner who didn’t kill himself. And when they examined the bodies of the ones that were dead they found dog tags, and when they came back and anounced that he tried to run. We have no idea where he planned to go or hide from telling the truth but there’s an over dramatic and non realistic scuffle where a teenager and an out of shape security guard man handle a soldier with relative ease.

The Mist – Spike

He doesn’t any information, bevause hes “only a private and doesn’t know anything,” and they believe that and don’t bother detaining him. The entire thing is ridiculous and unbelievable, and stupid when the unruly game store owners put the dead soldiers outside as bait to see what exactly is in The Mist. Their stuoid plan doesnt work and the private flips out when he sees that his friends’ bodies were disrespected and put outside, but he is easily subdued once again.

Eve, being the most sensible character on the show, decides she and Alex should defect from the group and setup camp elsewhere. So they split up to scavenge for supplies and Jay corners Alex while she is alone. He demands she listen to his side of the story and keeps approaching her even though she begs him not to (whether he raped her or not he should back off and learn to listen). Of course he denies everything, and we partially believe him and it fits our theory.

She’s shaken and tells her mom, who of course is ready to kill him already but this puts her over the line. They pack up and go to leave quickly, picking up a few followers who are also questioning Gus’s ability to lead or protect them, and everyone is put off by the new rules being made. They try all nd argue with the group to stick together and Jay makes the idiotic choice to approach Alex alluded appeal to her. Eve checks that boys privilege so fast all our heads spun as she pulled her gun on him (the one she tucked away in the last episode!)

The Mist – Spike

The group splits from the mall entrance and sets up shop in the warehouse, and Alex reveals her secret to, red balloons like the ones her dad used to get her when they went to the mall (you can picture how hard my eyes rolled), but she has been attaching notes with their location tonthe balloons. The group helps her release them out into the Mist, great plan but stupid to open that door, and we end the episode with the mall warehouse group feeling hopeful.

The Mist – Spike

While the mall’s weird power dynamics were developimg, things heated up just as aggressively at the church when Policeman Connor goes on a power trip and declares the church’s basement a make shift prison to hold Mia and Brian, but Father Romanov gets to keep the keys. So much for separation of church and state.

The Mist – Spike

Things at the church go from bad to worse when Adrian tries creating a distraction for Kevin the talk to the prisoners by initiating a conversation with Father Romanov and playing a scared child, but Testosterone Connor is triggered and can’t keep his mouth shut and verbally abuses Adrian for accusing his son of raping Alex.  Kevin, who had been bantering through the basement door with Mia about an escape plan (best dialogue in the episode),  tries to intervene and stand up for Adrian. Shockingly Connor just can’t handle being challenged and provokes Kevin with insults about his wife and daughter. Connor wins the award for biggest douche by antagonizing Kevin enough to swing on him and then locking him in the basement for “assaulting an officer.”

Our attention is then drawn to the non police-station group character in the church, Natalie. She’s had little interaction with our main cast, but has bonded with the man that championed for her toast to her husband with the communion wine. We also catch a glimpse of his death’s-head hawkmoth tattoo on his back, how ominous. She talks about her library research and the animal swarms she saw being similar to an articles from the 1800’s. He correlates it to the town myth of the Black Spring. It’s much less exciting than the Arrowhead plotline, but could give rise to the formation of a cult.

Natalie decides she would rather be with her husband and “go home” and exits the church in an act of suicide. Her new friend followers her out in an attempt to bring her back in, but a moth flies into his ear. Somehow the moth not only multiplies and swarms out of his mouth, but also mutates him and real moth wings rip out of his back. The Mist seems to have a mind of its own and we’ve seen its ability to psychologically to torment people. This is the scene everyone’s buzzing about, and we expect a few more big bangs before the season is out.

Mothman; The Mist – Spike

Natalie returns to the church and declares she saw God, and when Romanov argues God wouldn’t do that she clarifies not their god. It’s haunting and gives more indication for the crisis fueled, fanatical religion we’ve been waiting for.

The Mist – Spike

Back in the church Adrian works to free his comrades. A lot of fans aren’t responding well the unconventional teen and it’s our theory that he’s the one who raped Alex and (unfortunately) Connor may be right in his arguments against Adrian’s story. Nevertheless, the boy proves useful in a crisis and scams father Romanov into thinking he wants baptized and after a dramatic and uncomfortable private meeting (there is weird, probably unintentional, sexual tension with the priest) Adrian hugs the priest and swipes his keys. That kind of cunning and manipulation is so Slytherin we are even more suspicious of his accusing Jay of rape.

The Mist – Spike

The episode cliffhanger comes when Adrian releases his basement detained friends and they make it past Connor and out into The Mist in a very frying pan to fire scenario that will show us more of what we want–interactions with The Mist.