Photo Source: The CW // iZombie

Another season of iZombie has come and gone and Rob Thomas and Co. blessed us with some pretty great brains this season. Rose McIver continued to prove she’s an amazingly underrated comedic actress as she took on each new brain with gusto. Robert Buckley even got in on the action a little bit, too!

While all the brains were pretty entertaining, here are my five favorites (in episode order):

Father/ Daughter Brains (3×02 “Zombie Knows Best): Liv and Major ate the brains of Stan and Cindy, father and daughter who were victims of a hit and run murder. Major was hilarious as a teenaged girl; Liv was hilarious as his protective and nerdy dad.

Dominatrix Liv (3×05 “Spanking the Zombie”): Liv ate the brains of a murdered dominatrix named Roxanne Greer. This was also her first blue juice brain, meaning she really got into those visions. Liv’s new personality bewitched many of her acquaintances–especially the police sketch artist!

Dramatic DJ Liv (3×06 “Some Like it Hot Mess”): When Liv ate the brains of a crazy DJ, she turned into a total hot mess (hence the title). One of the best scenes of the season was her “goodbye” to Major, which she ended with a selfie, to remember the moment.

Nerdy Liv (3×09 “Twenty Sided, Die”): Liv ate the brain of a Dungeons & Dragons master who was potentially murdered by some Russian spies! Despite the intrigue of his murder, his main passion was ole D&D. This brain caused Liv to nerdily narrate most of her life. We also got an awesome scene where Liv her gang played Dungeons & Dragons. The boys, especially Clive, really got into it!

Conspiracy Liv (3×11 “Conspiracy Weary): Conspiracy obsessors are always funny, so when Liv, Blaine, and Don E all ate the brains of Bo Johns, brother of Harley, we were in for a riot. The each spoke of crazy theories, like the deaths of Tupac and Biggie, but the funniest was when they talked about Tom Cruise being a zombie. It makes sense, actually.

Even though it’s hard to imagine topping this season now, I’m sure next season we’ll get some even better brains! Is it next Spring, yet?