New Blu-Ray Tuesday 7/4/17

Happy 4th to all our American readers and Happy new Blu-ray day to everyone. Honestly this is the lightest week of releases in a while, I have to assume it is because of the holiday. Being honest I’ve only seen one of the movies coming out this week and its the re-release of Balto. With that being said the pick of the week is Drone and that’s only because it stars Sean Bean aka Ned Stark and this website loves Game of Thrones. 

Drone [Blu-ray]
Photo Source:
Neil (Sean Bean) is a high-level private drone contractor who spends his workdays flying covert missions then returns to a family life of suburban mediocrity. Not even Neil’s wife or his son know about his secret life. But Neil’s juggling act of husband, father and armchair warrior comes to a crashing halt when a whistle-blowing site exposes him to a deadly threat. Believing Neil is responsible for the deaths of his wife and child, an enigmatic Pakistani businessman (Patrick Sabongui) tracks him down. – Screen Media Films

This seems to be a direct to home media release considering I’ve never heard of it. The summary sounds intriguing so maybe the movie is good. Like I said it stars Ned Stark so it seemed like the right thing to pick.

The Blu-ray comes with:

  • Blu-ray disc
  • Maybe some special feature
    • ???

If you are interested in buying this you can get it here if not it’ll probably go up on Netflix soon.

Drone is the pick of the week. But here is the other releases this week:

  • Song to Song
  • Balto
  • The Zookeeper’s Wife
  • Bloodhunters
  • Vincent N Roxxy
  • Awakening the Zodiac

Like I said this is a real light week. Comment below what your picking up this week.

See you next time.



Author: William

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