Hey kids! Coming from you LIVE from my couch eating roasted seaweed snacks, we have a special version of my show coverage tonight- since I was out of town with no reliable wifi for the premiere of episode 4, we’re going to start off with a short recap of episode 4, summing up important plot points and “HOLY FUCK” moments, and then we will commence with our usual programming, AKA – I liveblog   (liveblog will also will be slightly condensed due to wanting to keep this post on the shorter side since it’s 2 whole episodes)  and squee about fictional clones who are hotter than I.



Episode 4 RECAP


We started the episode  with MK making some sort of bomb. Cosmina and Scott have the head of Leeky, and they find out that the bug-bots are some sort of gene therapy, and changing Sarah’s DNA from within. Allison runs in with Trina, the pregnant Neolutionist before, and gets upset that “Beth” investigated the Fertility Center. Donny tells Helena that allison can’t have babies and to tread lightly, and for some reason Helena is angry? Or upset? She buries the ‘nitrogen babies’ and then leaves the Hendrixes. Undercover, Donny and Felix go in to investigate the IVF clinic. Allison talks to a friend and hears about a secret therapy called “Bright Born.” Donny and Felix gather more information, and it’s some vague sci-fi dystopian video about making babies “better.”

MK finds out Sarah is working with Ferdinand, who we find out, murdered another clone, who was great friends with MK (real name – Vira) In an act of revenge, MK traps Ferdinand, sticks a bomb underneath his chair, and steals all his money. Sarah gets there just in time to try and talk MK down, and convince her to stay, but MK feels unsafe and leaves. Mrs. S saves Ferdinand by tripping the bomb. In Rachel’s storyline, we find out Charlotte is sick, and they won’t help her since they want to study how the disease works. Rachel’s captor also learns she’s been contacting Ferdinand, says something grim, and storms off.

Now for Episode 5

  • OMFG the fabulous blonde nail art clone is back and she’s getting buff so she can kick ass. I forgot her name yeeps I’m sure it’ll come back.
  • Allison and Cosmina are researching all of the Dyad and Brightborn connection. Felix’s sister is somehow tied to the company.
  • Sarah is trying to tell Felix that Adele is releated the Neolution and SURPRISE SURPRISE he doesn’t like it
  • Cosmina is going undercover with Donny to the Brightborn seminar.
  • Oh no the chick Evee Cho is here and she knows what the clones look like!!!!! SHIT.
  • Somehow Cosmina is avoiding it and doing science investigating bumbumbumbum
  • Oh god the blonde clone is there her name is Kristine holy MOLY this episode is crazy
  • She wants to have a Brightborn BABY
  • And Susan is talking to Evee Cho
  • Donny and Kristine just met and he left in the funniest way possible
  • “I have to go……………SHIT.”


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  • Okay we’re back in the police station and Art is talking to the DYAD sneaky weird cop who I hate
  • He’s basically threatening Art and telling him he knows about Allison’s drug sales
  • Art is freaking out and yelling at Sarah about Allison
  • Okay so fucking Susan knows it’s a clone but she thinks it’s Sarah or something
  • Evee saw Sarah but Susan found Kosmina this show is a shitshow
  • Felix brought Adele to Sarah’s hideout this seems dangerous
  • Shitsticks this is a disaster
  • And Donny has to get rid of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Krystal is lowkey my new fave clone I love her Tatiana Maslay is a fucking gift to this world I can’t stand this it’s too funny
  • This is the most ridiculous scene ever
  • Evee is a fucking pokemon and she’s evil
  • OMFG I can’t stand this show they’re gonna kill one of the two clones????? What the hillhell is going ON
  • Donny is massaging Krystal and it’s too much
  • Krystal has cracked the secret with DYAD sort of
  • Ok she doesn’t really understand….but she just referenced the french blonde doctor
  • It appears Donny has fucked this shit UP
  • Nevermind Krystal just beat the shit out of her oh NO
  • OH NO the scary girl caught Krystal and Cosmina is heading to the conference room
  • This episode is intense
  • We’re back to Felix/Sarah/Adele BS.
  • Cosmina is deep in this. There’s a bunch of pregnant ladies in a small room being watched with cameras.
  • Felix and Adele are actually related and I think Sarah can finally chill out
  • Well this is embarrassing but Sarah is upset
  • Cosmina is for some reason in a birthing room
  • OH MY GOD she saw the guy clone Krystal saw the guy clone and they tried to kidnap her
  • Oh god I have a bad feeling about this birth
  • And the baby is a monster it’s face is missing????????// WHAT THE HELL is going on????
  • THE BABY has a  hole in it’s face??????/ fuckfufuck fuck what the HELL
  • Just when this show couldn’t get more fucked up
  • They just took her baby
  • And Cosmina just got found out by Susan too this show is too much!!!!!!!!!
  • Cosmina is pissed because they’re making babies!!!!!! In their lab!!!!! Making MONSTERS!!!
  • Susan is trying to get her to give up Kendall’s genome!!
  • Kira is talking about how she can see the future or like feel the other clones with her brain there’s so many levels of sci-fi in this show I L O V E it.
  • OH GOD
  • OH GOD

……………….No i’m not regretting agreeing to cover this show……

no it’s great…..

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