We’ve got a list of ways Iron Fist could have been a better series:

1) Shift the focus of the show to the damaged done by Harold Meachum to both his and the Rand family.

2) The first episode is Danny returning to NYC and spying on the Meachum siblings to see what kind of people they’ve become.

3) Danny spent the last six months as a cage fighter to make money and pay his way back to America. During this time he befriends a cage fighter promoter who has made arrangements to give him a home in NYC. He stays with the with the cage promoter grand daughter, Colleen Wing.

4) The Meachum siblings both have personal demons which result from years of abuse from both of their parents. Ward is a drug addict and Joy has an anger issue and in the closet.

5) Harold still faked his death and living in a safe house but he has been studying magic and the history of the Hand.

6) Danny first tries to tell Ward the truth. After a few failed attempts but proves who he is after bring back some painful memories of their childhood.

7) Danny discovers The Hand is in NYC and starts investigating all over of Chinatown. Montage of Danny using his power taking out and intimidating various gangs till he has concrete info on the Hand.

8) Ward hears about Danny hunt for the Hand due to how they were the reason for causing Harold to fake his death. Once they are gone Ward believes he can be free from his father.

9) Collen joins wanting to be a hero like her idol, Daredevil.

10) They attack a warehouse where Ward and Colleen witness the true power of The Iron Fist. It appears that they have won and on their way back home they are greeted by  Shang-Chi played by Lewis Tan

11) The second half of the season dealt with Danny’s Iron Fist origin, Ward trying to reveal to Danny that Harold is still alive and The return of the Hand.

12) Chi tells Danny that he is the new Iron Fist for K’un-L’un and that he sought out Danny to see why he left. We get a prequel episode of Danny growing up in K’un-L’un and how he became the Iron Fist.

13) Danny states that he left a note behind telling his reason of leaving. He tells Chi that he left to fill a hole that has been burning inside of him. Ever since he saw both of his parents inside of him he felt this empty void he needs to fill. He originally thought the power of the Iron Fist would have fixed that. However, once he earns that title he still felt that void. He knew that he had to leave and return home.

14) Ward tells his father that the hand is gone and that Danny is, in fact, the Iron Fist.  Harold now free to come to life seeks out his old partner killing them to gain their shares through Joy.

15) Joy and Danny relationship is a slow burn and sees that Danny has help Ward grow as a person since his arrival.

16) Ward tells Joy about the Iron Fist, The Hand and that Harold is still alive. Joy comes out to her brother and they embrace each other.  Ward questions Joy’s willingness to believe him in which Joy replies ” Yea in this world anything is possible.”

17) Chi and Danny dig into what happened on that plane the night it crashes. They discover that Harold may have been somehow involved

18) The hand returns being lead by  Davos, a former contender for the title of Iron Fist.

19)Danny, Chi and Colleen confront Harold but greeted by Davos.

20) we get a prequel episode of Davos and Chi on K’un-L’un. Davos was kicked out for his extremist views. As well as the History of past Iron Fists.

21) After fighting upwards to get to the roof of Ran enterprise, Davos fights Danny one on one.

22) Danny beats Davos but doesn’t kill him. Davos tells Danny where they can find Harold.

23) Danny finds Harold in the same warehouse from earlier in the season. Harold has been beaten with an inch of his life and is dying. He tells Danny the truth that he killed his parents but only under the order of The Hand.  He tells Danny he’s sorry before dying to his injuries. Danny forgives him and finally fills that void inside of him.

24) Chi leaves to go back to  K’un-L’un and tells Danny he should keep the title of Iron Fist as NYC clearly needs one.

25) Ward takes over Rand Enterprise while Joy falls into to depression having to bury her father twice. Danny and Collen finally go on a coffee date that they been postponing since they met.