We’re almost finished, just Bethesda and Nintendo to go! As I said in the last article, Bethesda is the oddest entry to me as I’m not sure what they really have enough content to show to make an entire press conference out of. I also apparently missed that they released a drawing of a theme park that hinted at what will be shown, so we can dissect that below and get a better understanding of what Bethesda really got. Let’s get started!


Source: Bethesda

Looking at this drawing, I’ll be going in a counterclockwise order starting at the entrance to “Bethesdaland”.

Obvious Stuff:

Fallout 4 VR

maxresdefault (1)

Source: Bethesda / Fallout VR

Last year at E3, we were informed that we’d be getting a version of Fallout 4 that could be played with VR headsets. I’m guessing we’ll get more concrete news on a release date for this version and possibly what other platforms it’ll come to besides the pairing of PC and the HTC Vive. Fallout 4‘s game director Todd Howard has stated:

“Fallout 4 VR is the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen in your life. You can’t even imagine what it’s like, playing in VR and how realistic it looks and everywhere you turn your head. It is going to blow your mind. It is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen.”

You can take that as “Of course the game director would say these things!” or “Hmm, that actually sounds pretty awesome!”. Besides this version of Fallout 4, I question if there will be more DLC for the game. Previous entries in the series had gotten around 4-5 DLCs and Fallout 4 currently has three story related ones with a few other odd entities that pertain to the house/town building aspects of the game, so it’s possible a 2nd season pass could be announced here as well.

Quake Champions


Source: Bethesda / Quake Champions

With the hot success of Doom, it was time to take another very old IP out of the freezer. Quake Champions was announced last year and seemed to be the classic multiplayer shooter fans loved, but also with a few hero shooter twists ala Overwatch. It’s been in closed beta access for some time now and I can believe that it may move to open beta during the time of E3? I haven’t kept up with the details of the game, but I could also see some more character announcements for it here.

Doom DLC


Source: Bethesda/ Doom DLC

I have to say, Doom was a shocking event in 2016. I considered not even bothering with the game after seeing gameplay before its release and being put off by it. But, then it was released and glowing review after glowing review appeared out of every publication I follow, so I knew I had to get in on it. I wasn’t AS wowed by the game as those who had grown up with the franchise, but it was definitely a great experience. It’s too soon for a sequel, so if Bethesda has this as a key component for their show, I assume it’ll be DLC along with maybe more info on the Doom VR experience.

The Elder Scrolls


Source: Bethesda / Elder Scrolls

Okay, I’m sorry for using that image as it’s more likely that we’re just going to be getting more news on Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, which came out Tuesday. I’m pretty sure this was also the case a previous year at E3 where Elder Scrolls things started to appear on the stage and everyone was ready for Elder Scrolls VI, but then it was just a montage about a game that was already fucking out. I mean come on though, Skyrim came out in 2011, isn’t it time for the next entry in the franchise? And it’s not like Fallout 4 is fresh, that came out in 2015!

Prey DLC


Source: Source: Bethesda / Prey

I didn’t get to write a review for Prey and I no longer feel like doing a drawn out one, so I’ll just say here that Prey was a pretty good game in my book. I’ve heard people say it loses steam in the second act, which I can’t deny, but it’s been awhile since I’ve played a good System Shock/BioShock style game and this certainly delivered in that vein. Now what would be shown at E3? DLC. We have already been told there would be big DLC for the game and it’s obviously too soon to announce a sequel to a game that just came out last month.

Dishonored 2 DLC


Source: Bethesda / Dishonored 2

Hey, another really good game from last year! You wanna know what they’re gonna show here? Oh, DLC you say? Wow, you’re getting really good at guessing before I even say it! Dishonored had some pretty good DLC installments from what I heard (never went back to play them though), so it’s easy to see that the sequel would get the same treatment, which is good as I thought Dishonored 2 was an improvement on everything over its predecessor. I actually played the game twice to try out both characters, doing a high chaos and low chaos playthrough (and I never do stealth playthroughs if I can avoid it).

The “Under Construction” Stuff:

Okay, so we have two more areas that Bethesda is keeping as surprises for E3. I’m PRETTY damn certain of what one of them is, but the other is a bit tougher as it could just end up being a completely new game rather than a sequel. So let me get the obvious one out of the way first before going into my somewhat shots in the dark for what the second could be.

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus


Source: Bethesda

This was a cute way of teasing fans last year with a start up screen to open the event and we still haven’t really heard any news about the New Order sequel. If they teased this last year, there is absolutely no way we don’t hear something about it this E3. Also, for what the hell the title even means: The New Colossus is the name of the poem engraved on the Statue of Liberty. So, take that as you will. I guess we’re headed to the United States for the follow up.

The Evil Within 2


Source: Bethesda / The Evil Within 2

I’m going to do these shots in the dark in order of most to least likely. The original Evil Within wasn’t a bad game, but it also wasn’t as great as what it was trying to be (It’s VERY hard to try and top Resident Evil 4 though, but Shinji Mikami tried. It will forever be his masterpiece). The story was left on a cliffhanger if I remember correctly though, but I never bothered with the DLCs, so it’s easy to see that a sequel could be in development. IGN also reported in March that a job listing basically outed the game, so…there’s that too to hint at its existence. Then again, there were strong rumors it would appear last year as well, but maybe it hit some snags and wasn’t ready to be confirmed yet?

Brink 2


Source: Bethesda / Brink 2

Brink wasn’t a good game. Brink had potential though and I could get another go around at the title fairing better than before. There’s also arguments to be made that it’s too late for another Brink as there are plenty of games out now that do things similar to it and it would just be redundant for this to join the fray as well.

Wet 2


Source: Bethesda / Wet 2

The only two things I remember about the first Wet was slow motion shooting and slicing, along with the song “Insane” by The Arkhams playing a lot (It might’ve actually only played once). I think it was a decent game though? There had been reports about a sequel being in development, but then more reports saying it was cancelled. This was awhile, however, so maybe it has been risen from its grave?


And that’s it for Bethesda. We’ll finish out tomorrow with Nintendo and that’ll be a wrap on E3 speculations. Then we can just see how right wrong I was on all my non-obvious guesses. Until next time!