Two important people are stuck outside the bunker in Octavia and Marcus Cain. Abigail and Bellamy are very curious about the status of the two. Clarke and Jaha say they sent people out to get Octavia, Marcus and Bellamy to get to the bunker but they were only able to get Bellamy in time. Clarke was saying that Octavia was in the final four, as was Luna and it’s unlikely Octavia survived. Jaha is trying to tell them that they don’t want to know the truth on the other end of the radio because it’s likely not good. They understand the risks but want to know anyways. The pair are able to get a hold of Octavia and it is obvious that she was the one who won the Conclave, Octavia tells them that she choose for all to survive. Jaha tells Bellamy to get off the radio, he says that he is going to open that door or they have to kill him, so Jaha has some men come and make a move on him and eventually lock him up downstairs. Knowing that Octavia won gives Clarke and Abigail regret, however Jaha has no emotions and does not.

Back at the science station, Raven who has been left by herself suffers from her third bloody nose today and suffers a seizure, she believes she sees someone coming to her which is Sinclair. Raven talks to Sinclair and he said that he didn’t die so Raven could just die. He says that Raven was never a quitter. With two spirits, or whatever you want to call them, trying to tell her what to do, she has to decide about having a space walk, or to try to reboot her brain and choose life. Between the choices she decides to go with Sinclair and pick life. Raven rigs up a whole set up to try to ‘reboot’ her brain. She has to be in ice water and almost drown for 15 minutes, after 15 minutes a timer and charge shocks her awake in the water where she has to pull herself out and get to the machine that will give her another charge. Once she shocks herself back she gets on the radio and says that it is Raven and she is alive, to whom exactly I don’t know.

Back at Arcadia, the bums, for lack of better term are just wasting away to nothing. They are partying, and dying, shocker, one of the people has died by overdose, Monty thinks it was accidental but the group seems to think they found the perfect ratio to die a day before Prime Fire comes to end their lives. Monty has had enough and says he is going to leave for the bunker tonight, as of now nobody cares to go with him. Monty tries to get Harper to go with him, she says she doesn’t love him, and she is not worth dying over and she doesn’t want to watch Monty die. Later that night Monty finds Jasper looking outside at the moon, he talks about having time to take two trips to the bunker and back before prime fire arrives to save everyone, but Jasper is acting weird. Jasper said he wasn’t supposed to find out like this, when Monty realizes he took some pills, he tried to get him to spit them up to no avail. Monty rushes to the common area to see that everyone has died, that is except Harper who decided she wanted to live after all. She was all geared up in a radiation suit, and told Monty that she loves him.

Back at the bunker, Murphy is asked to keep an eye on Bellamy, which is a task that he is OK with as he doesn’t like Bellamy and is to make sure nobody tries to free him. He is to be held hostage until after prime fire passes. Back above ground, Octavia, Indra and a few others are just waiting for Bellamy to find a way to open the hatch, Echo comes and tries to fight Octavia, who announces she knows that Echo cheated, and was banished by Roan before his death as he knew what was happening. She said that her people would not get any spots unless she joined Octavia, Echo reluctantly agrees. Bellamy was trying to get out of his cuffs and purposely making something that would need to be looked at by Abigail as he wanted her help in getting the hatch door open, she has someone she is vested in as well in Marcus. Abigail says she will help and calls in Murphy for help as Bellamy comes up from behind and puts him in a sleeper hold.

They have to get to the control room where Jaha is, Abigail goes in to talk to Jaha and lulls him to get his guard down and she injects him with something that puts him to sleep. Abigail gets things in motion and tells Bellamy that it takes two people to open the hatch, which on a random note is horrible if some reason you were sole survivor, so Bellamy heads to the second spot. Clarke, who was with her latest lover who was saying that her decision was to save the human race not just her clan, goes to talk to Bellamy and sees he escaped. She tracks down Bellamy with a gun right as he is about to open the hatch. She shoots a warning shot above his head, but he says that she will have to hit a kill shot to stop him from opening the hatch.

Bellamy opens the hatch and Octavia tells him she knew he would come through, Bellamy tells her that he loves her so much. Other clans start to arrive to check out the new home as Octavia says welcome home, except Echo who is not welcome. Her people are, but Echo doesn’t get to live because of her betrayal, but lucky for her the banishment won’t last long. Every group is allowed to have 100 survivors, Jaha is royally upset this all happened, Octavia says that all other clans have already picked the 100 survivors and they are the last ones left. Bellamy gets one spot and they have 12 hours to decide who the other 99 are.