Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network

The stark difference of the relationship between Margot and the Kensington Firm and AVI from last season to this one is bananas. The ways she now trusts AVI to secure her company and its assets are complete and total. In “The Cleaner,” Margot has AVI investigate and locate Felicity-who has flown the coop.

The Cleaner of the aforementioned title was the Kensington firm’s corpse removal specialist. His expertise: liquefication (barf). As it turns out, The Cleaner was used by Rhys to rid himself of Felicity’s (not dead) body. The challenge: nobody knows The Cleaner’s name or whereabouts. Finding him in order to find Felicity proves to be just as difficult.

Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network 

As for Ben, the resident con-turned legitimate consultant-does that habitual line stepper dude thing again and asks Agent Diaz to investigate Ethan Ward. While looking into his company, they actually discover massive fraud against Ethan. Someone internally in his commercial building division faked a luxury condo development in Cozumel. Ben,working together with Ethan, comes up with a plan to bring the fraudulent employee to light. Oh goodie.

With Margot relying more and more upon AVI professionally, the personal lines have blurred even further with Danny. While she has kept her cool, he is acting like a thirsty schoolboy who has never dated before. How embarrassing.

Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network

Alice and Rhys manage to setup a meet for The Cleaner (hi Yanic Truesdale, aka Michel, from Gilmore Girls); he provides them with everything he knew about the night Rhys shot Felicity. It wasn’t much. And it definitely wasn’t enough to find Felicity presently.

With more success in Ethan’s internal company investigation, Ben and he find out an employee in his commercial division (absentminded Carol Mooney) was given instructions by the Mockingbird Trust to complete the fraudulent transactions. Mockingbird is the same firm Felicity has now aligned herself with. It’s all connected.

The last scenes we get are setting up an EXPLOSIVE season finale. Felicity takes out Kensington security, shoots Sophie and kidnaps Tessa. Danny admits to Val and Alice he has a relationship (of a Biblical nature) with Margot. And Mockingbird. Mockingbird turns out to be…Tommy. Alice’s lazy, trifling, shifty, wack brother is back. And running a serious scam.

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