Maggie finds out about Merriggs (Is this the official ship name?) and we actually get a follow up with patients from 13×06! (Veronica and Jeremy – best friends who are having a baby together, despite that Veronica is dying of cancer.)

Meredith rehearses what she is going to tell Maggie while looking in the mirror. She goes about her morning, thinking of all of the possible ways that Maggie will respond. She’s sure her sister is going to hate her. (Sidenote: the shirt Meredith is wearing is kind of interesting and I think it’s extremely cute.) Alex suggests that Meredith use the high tension in the airplane as an excuse for how she and Riggs coupled up, but Meredith doesn’t want to lie to her sister. His next suggestion is that she just be vague about it. Once at work, Meredith is practicing, once again, for her speech to Maggie while looking in the mirror in the women’s bathroom. Alex is still with her because he’s her person since Cristina moved away. Maggie walks in to help Meredith prep for her other speech, and assumes that that is why Meredith seems to be nervous. She and Riggs will be on television for their miraculous work on the airplane. Maggie even brought Meredith’s favorite shirt because she knew Meredith would forget. (Okay, Maggie, but if you already had the shirt at the hospital, of course Meredith wouldn’t wear it to work. It’s not that she forgot – it’s that it wasn’t at the house for her to wear.)

mer alex maggie

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In the ER, April comes up to Stephanie, who is trying to help a 25 year old woman, Mary Parkman, who came in with her boyfriend due to her severe abdominal pain. Mary writhes in pain on the hospital bed.April checks Mary’s abdomen for tenderness, and feels that it’s distended. The pain isn’t localized anywhere, so most likely her intestines. She feels uncomfortable with her boyfriend, Dennis, seeing her like this, but he’s nauseatingly sweet toward her. While telling April about how Dennis had made her breakfast in bed, Mary vomits in April’s hair.

mary pain

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In the room with the press, Catherine and Webber are on different ends of the room, which bothers Bailey. Ben advises that Catherine and Webber’s marriage isn’t Bailey’s business, and that she needs to stay in her own lane. After declaring that she is still an independent with the ability to make her own choices without her husband, Bailey is called to start the press conference.

bailey podium

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Alex is paged because Veronica and Jeremy are back at the hospital. Veronica is now 34 and a half weeks pregnant, and cancer is taking over her body. Alex diagnosed her with cancer toward the beginning of her pregnancy and was given the option of chemotherapy/radiation if she terminated her pregnancy. Knowing that she probably would die, she decided that she wanted to keep the baby for Jeremy, who she believes will be an incredible father. She’s here today because of the back pain she has been having. Alex isn’t sure if the pain and the tingling means anything, but he orders up an MRI.

ver and jer

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Seeing Meredith’s nerves, Riggs tells her that they can skip out on the press conference if she wants, but she’s excited for the attention the hospital is getting. She lets him know that today is the day that she will finally tell Maggie. If it helps, he says she can make him the bad guy, but Meredith wants to tell Maggie exactly how it all happened.

Webber and Stephanie are showing Mary a scan of her abdomen. Webber tells her that it looks like a bowel obstruction. He says that these things often work themselves out, but that it is possible she may need surgery, once they figure out what the exact issue is. While Webber tries to see what is in the scans, DeLuca notices something. Mary and Dennis are nauseatingly infatuated with each other.

mary and dennis

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The scene splits between this room and the bathroom where April is washing the vomit out of her hair. She pulls out a long white worm and screams. She rushes to the others and tells them about the worm, and DeLuca shows Webber that there is one in the suction canister, too. The obstruction in the scans are “a whole lot of worms.” Dennis slowly removes his hands from his girlfriend’s.

april worm

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Maggie records on her phone as the reporters ask Riggs and Meredith questions. One asks how operating on the plane compared to Riggs’s time as a war medic. He changes the focus off of himself, giving credit to the dentist, flight attendant, and helpful passengers. He begins to talk about how incredible Meredith’s work was. He rubs his hand on her shoulder, and the two look at each other. In that moment, Maggie realizes that something happened between them. Maggie leaves the room.

shoulder touch

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Later, before scrubbing in, Maggie watches the video she had captured on her phone. She rewinds and rewatches the exchange a few times, ignoring a call from Meredith, until Jackson walks in. Jackson asks Maggie about the press conference. She says that she learned a lot, and starts scrubbing her arms aggressively.

Amelia gives Veronica an update on her tumor. It has metastasized to her spine and is compressing her spinal cord. With her cancer spreading Amelia speculates that Veronica only has two months of life left, as opposed to the seven that they had previously thought. Arizona recommends that Veronica have her baby now, to keep the baby safe. Although it would be early at 34 weeks, Alex tells the parents that he has delivered way younger babies that have been completely fine. Veronica seems unsure of what to do, but Jeremy wants the baby delivered today so the two of them will have two months together with their baby.

veronica and jeremy

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April and DeLuca join Webber and Stephanie looking at scans. Webber tells them that the worms are ‘ascaris lumbricoides,’ or intestinal roundworms. While rare in the United States, ⅙ of the human population is infected with them. Updating Mary is awkward for everyone. They tell her that the worms would have traveled through her bloodstream as larvae and then would have taken months to mature to the size they are now. Dennis is too grossed out by all of this and leaves, claiming that he has important phone calls to make.

dennis leaves

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Even though April washed her hair, she can’t help but feel icky. Bailey asks her to help get Webber and Catherine back together. April is about to operate with Webber, so she’ll try to talk to him then, and Bailey will try to talk to Catherine. April mentions that their patient vomited a worm into her hair, and Bailey walks away backwards.

Meredith finds Maggie and wants to explain. Maggie shuts her down, and leaves for another surgery.

mer and maggie

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Arizona and Amelia prep Veronica for her c-section, and Veronica asks if the cancer will make the delivery more difficult. Arizona admits that it is an added stress, but that they will take care of any complications that may come their way. Veronica wants to sign a DNR, just in case. Everything has been hard enough for Jeremy, and she doesn’t want to end up stuck on life support, leaving that decision for Jeremy to make.

Mary rants to April and Webber about meeting Dennis. She had gotten used to being alone by then, and wasn’t looking for a man, but then Dennis messaged her, and he turned out to be “perfect.” Webber tells Mary that life can be just fine on your own, but April stops him and says that they don’t know that Dennis left.

webber mary april

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Bailey sees Catherine writing on the surgery schedule board, so she walks over. She tells Catherine about Webber’s patient who has intestinal worms, and comments that Webber likes worms and unusual situations. Bailey brings up that Webber’s spirits have been down lately and that she knows he’s been sleeping in the on-call rooms. Catherine knows Bailey feels guilty for causing this by hiring Eliza, but she tells Bailey to stay out of it.

catherine board.png

As they remove Mary’s worms, they place them into a bowl, and they basically look like spaghetti. April comments on Mary’s relationship with Dennis, and how he should leave her over something like this when they had been so happy. Webber, knowing the subtext is about his own marriage, says that Dennis didn’t know there was something so ugly inside of her at the time, and should be allowed to leave if that’s what he wants.

worm ball.png

Alex sits down at lunch with Meredith. Both are having bad days that they don’t want to talk about. Alex had to tell one of his favorite patients (Veronica) about her cancer spreading, and Maggie is mad at Meredith. Maggie walks over and asks if she can join them. Once seated, she asks Meredith if she joined the Mile High Club (which Meredith was likely part of years ago). When Meredith doesn’t answer, Maggie asks if Riggs is a good kisser. Alex offers to leave, but Maggie knows he knew, and says he might as well stay. Maggie then asks how many people Meredith had told. Meredith says that no one knew, which only feeds Maggie’s ‘Meredith is a liar’ flame. Meredith offers to go somewhere to talk, but Maggie leaves.

Before Veronica’s c-section, Jeremy starts getting overwhelmed with stress thinking about how unprepared they are to bring the baby home early. Jeremy will be in the delivery room with Veronica, and Veronica reminds him that his priority is their son. Once the baby is born, he is to leave the room alongside the doctors who have him. They extract the baby from her uterus, and though the actor baby is definitely not a baby that had just been born, it was super cute. Hi cute little baby. Welcome to the world.

veronica and jeremy and baby

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Meredith walks by the board and is confused when one of her surgeries is no longer on it. Maggie, who is nearby, says that she wanted OR 3, so she took it, like Meredith did with Riggs. EXCUSE ME, MISSY. I know you’re looking for a way to get back at Meredith, but what about the patient who has to pay every day that they are in the hospital? You are wasting an innocent person’s time and money, and hurting them more than you are hurting your sister. Meredith pushes Maggie unto a supply closet and tells her that she feels really bad, but that Maggie is being a jerk. Maggie says that she “gets it” with the high emotions on the plane, but Meredith comes clean that her relationship with Riggs began before Amelia and Owen’s wedding, but that she called it off as soon as she found out that Maggie liked him. Meredith had been trying to do the right thing. She kept this secret as a way to not hurt Maggie, but keeping this secret hurt Maggie even more.

hurt maggie

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Monitors start beeping as Veronica is holding their son. Her heart rate is up to 130 and her breathing is tough. When Jeremy starts to worry, Veronica distracts him by bringing the focus back to their baby. Arizona says that her stats are dropping and Veronica is persistently tachycardic. Arizona suggests that Jeremy leave now, but Alex says to give them another minute, since Veronica did all of this so she could meet her son. Veronica asks Jeremy to take him as she feels herself get worse. She reminds Jeremy to stay with the baby because he’s going to need his father. Once they wheel the baby out, the doctors devise a plan to remove a blood clot from her lungs, but they’ll need to put her under, and there’s no guarantee that she will survive. She asks what the risk of not doing this additional procedure would be, and they tell her that she needs to do this. As the monitor beeping increases again, Amelia orders someone to bring over the crash cart, but Veronica reminds them that she signed a DNR. She’s ready to die.

bye jeremy

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Bailey asks April about how talking to Webber went, and April admits that it didn’t accomplish anything. Bailey reluctantly says that Catherine told her to mind her own business, just as April said she would. April begins to compare Catherine to Bailey, saying how they both are stubborn and believe that they are always right.

april weird face

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We see Webber and Catherine pass each other in the hall without acknowledging each other.

As Veronica lies dying in the OR, she confides in Amelia that she loves Jeremy, but never told him because they were friends, and she didn’t want to lose that (One of my favorite romcom tropes). She knows Jeremy will continue loving her even after she dies. She asks Amelia to tell him not to look back because he’s a dad now, and he needs to be fearless. When Veronica days that she’s cold, Amelia offers to get a warming blanket, but Veronica just wants to be held. With her last breath, she’s thankful that their baby is good. Once she’s dead, Amelia and Arizona walk to the NICU, where Alex is eager for an update.

veronicas death

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Webber shows Mary pictures of the works, and tells her that they removed hundreds of them that were breeding like crazy. Breeding reminds her of babies which reminds her that she will never have babies with Dennis. Almost on cue, Dennis comes into the room and apologizes. She says she understands why he left — she’s repulsive. But he kisses her hand and says that she was just sick.

reunited dennis

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Catherine is focused on paperwork when Bailey barges in, saying she has concerns about Catherine’s marriage. She notes that Catherine is failing right now, and Bailey wants her to succeed. Both of them had a child with a man, got divorced, remarried and became the boss of their new husband. At this point, Bailey feels like she has figured marriage out, and she can tell that Catherine does not know what she’s doing. She tells Catherine to stop dismissing her the way she has been dismissing her “own damn husband.” Catherine doesn’t respond as Bailey leaves, but thinks about it all.

Alex hands Jeremy his newborn son as he tells the news that Veronica is dead. I guess the baby is a nice comfort, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little worried that Jeremy might go into shock and drop him.

jeremy cries.png

Catherine walks into the on-call room where Webber has been sleeping and admits that she was wrong. To this, Webber replies “I had a patient full of worms.” Catherine asks if he took any pictures, which surprised Webber (and made me smile). He did, and invites her in to look at them. As he shows the pictures, Catherine lights up at Webber lighting up.

cute webber and cath

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The elevator opens on a floor, and Amelia is crying. Outside of the elevator, Owen is standing right there. He rushes to hug and comfort his wife. He holds her as she sobs. When the elevator opens at Owen’s destination, he lets go and walks off.

amelia cries

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Back at Chez Grey, Maggie is drinking wine on the couch. Meredith asks Maggie what she is doing, because Amelia is waiting in the car for the three of them to go out. Maggie makes a snide remark about how Meredith should call Riggs if she wants to go out. Meredith once again apologizes, saying that she won’t stop. Maggie is her sister, and she’s not going to lose her over a guy. After much consideration, Maggie concedes, but says she is still going to be mad at Meredith.

maggie couch

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THREE EPISODES LEFT OF SEASON 13. Sisters making up, and couples recoupling — is this the calm before the storm? Or will it be a finale where all of the pieces fall into place? Yeah right. I’ll believe that when I see it. Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.