Have you ever wondered why people continue to torture themselves by driving Rainbow Road in Mario Kart, even though they KNOW it’s going to end in pain and suffering? Have you ever had that fleeting, masochistic, borderline sadistic thought of what it would be like to have an entire game as difficult as Rainbow Road? Now, I’m not talking about that classic The Lion King game that continually grates on the souls of every gamer, either. This game…this satanic creation, had me frustrated to tears within an hour of gameplay, but it also made me realize how much we as gamers take certain aspects of today’ technology for granted.

Super Monkey Ball 2 is a game that sounds easy in its simplicity. You choose your character, you line up at the start line, and you roll off, with your little chosen character rolling around in what could essentially be described as a hamster ball. Normally, this would sound like a wonderful, mind-numbing way to past the time, right? Well you’d be wrong. Even one feather-light push of the joystick to adjust your racer’s course could send them careening off of the side of the map, and into the fiery pits of hell that surely wait below. It will definitely make you long for the ability to alter your controller sensitivity, as is available in today’s games. Regardless of Super Monkey Ball 2’s disgustingly difficult existence, it IS fun to play – especially when you’re playing with multiple people.


Source: tasvideos.org

Super Monkey Ball 2, should you choose to take on this game and risk falling into a pit of desperate insanity, (Seriously. Look at that stupid level pictured above. Who creates that without the intent purpose of making gamers cry.) is available on The GameCube – Or if you have a GameCube compatible Wii, you could use that. Take up the challenge of playing a game that will make you burst into inconsolable tears, let me know what you think of it, and remember…have fun! As always, thank you for reading!