The second episode of this season gave us more of what we all look forward to. More Michael Scoffield, more action, and more attempted prison escapes. News coverage shows a man named Abdul Ramal, who is honestly a piece of shit, who used young girls as sex slaves and public be-headings in the streets.

Michael and someone else is trying to make the first escape that we can see. The two end up on the roof of the prison, but they just sit on top waiting for something. It is very noticeable that a bunch of strikes are getting closer to the prison. The city is digging deeper into chaos and everyone is unsure how long the city and prison will be safe. This turns out to be the 7th day in a row they have been on the roof waiting to see flashing lights which lets them know that the escape is in 24 hours. The lights do not go on yet again so they go back to the cell.

Back in the city a crane note is placed under the door that Lincoln and Franklin is staying in. Lincoln chases after the kid to find who sent it but isn’t able to catch up to him from his head start. When Lincoln returns to the hotel Franklin tells him that the note is a crane with a message inside. It says, “find the sheik of light and I will be free”, which as we all know from watching the show for years Michael is a master of riddles and messages. Lincoln wants to ask Sheba to help them find the answer in exchange for money to get her and her family out of the country. Sheba, very reluctantly agrees only thanks to the money.

Lincoln sends the video that they recorded at the prison of Michael to Sara as proof. She was unsure at first if he was around or the circumstances behind it. But she has no choice but to accept the facts after seeing it in person. Sara is over come with emotions, holding it together when he husband calls, she says she will run some errands before she goes to visit him in the hospital after dropping off Mike to school. Sara takes a trip to the Department of the State to talk about a missing person in the middle east. She is met by someone and taken to the boss, who turns out to be an old acquaintance……..Kellerman!

Talk about a major shock! Sara can’t believe it and doesn’t want to talk with him but decides she should at least listen to what he has to say. He shows Sara that Kaniel Outis’s face online is actually that of Michael. Kellerman goes on to say that in his eyes only a handful of people are capable of pulling such a thing, and leads to believe that for some reason Michael did that on his own. Sara can’t believe a word he says so she leaves. Kellerman asks her to watch a video he sent over, and it is a video footage of a shooting  by Michael on the former deputy Chief of the CIA. Kellerman says that Michael turned into a killer at some point. Sara goes and meets with her husband and asks his honest unbiased opinion on the situation, and his evaluation of Michael is that he is using game theory, which essentially tries to use people around him through manipulation until the time is needed he has to call on that piece for his winning plan.

Meanwhile back oversees, Sheba is looking at the note trying to figure out what it really means, she says that the piece of tape on it doesn’t belong, and it looks like morse code or braille. She spends a little more time focusing on it until she realizes it is actually a phone number, that leads them to the Department of Electrical Works Sana’a after she calls it. They go to the building and a guard happens to have some paper work that he was instructed to give to whoever comes asking. The documents have an address, that is of a building in the front lines of the war, on the other side of the safe zone barricade.

At the prison, with the person in control of the lights and the power grid hasn’t come through yet Michael has to come up with a plan b. He doesn’t tell his “game theory” pieces what the plan is exactly but he asks for a piece of gum. He tells him that the piece of gum will start the chain reaction to getting them out of there. In the cell he asks for a battery next, with the gum he creates what he calls a prison lighter, he lights some assorted twigs and such to create a mini fire. With a water cup filled with water he sets it over and heats up the water and when it hits the right temperature he puts a rag inside of it. When it heats up he takes it out of the water and raps the hot rag around his head to warm himself up where he can get a trip to the infirmary with his heightened temperature. At the infirmary he is roughed up a bit, the guards think he is the ultimate scum remember, before given a prescription of pills for the pain. With the morphine he was given, he didn’t swallow them and wanted to give them to his cell mate who is having a tough time in exchange for using his cell phone and credit card to order a pizza. Later Sara is at school to pick up Mike who doesn’t come out of school with the rest of the kids, he was around the corner trying to find the pizza delivery guy, who gave him a crane from Michael, that read, “hide everyone a storm is coming.”

On the trail that Lincoln, Franklin and Sheba are on, they pay the guard at the border to let them go into the bad part of the country. The guard didn’t want to let them through as he says they have a death wish, but as they say, money talks. Not terribly far into the horrible part of the country Sheba is stopped by a group of rebels. She has Franklin and Lincoln hide in the back seat, it turns out she knew the person from before. I think the guy wanted to, and still does want to get with Sheba. Being in the middle of war things are always happening and the rebels get pulled away to attend to something else and let Sheba go.

Lincoln and Franklin get to the building that they were instructed to go to and Lincoln ran into someone in the building that wasn’t supposed to be there and during the struggle created enough noise that the rebels in the area heard the ruckus and gathered to go investigate. After Lincoln informs the man he is not an enemy he tells them of a group of people in a near bye building. Lincoln tells the man, Franklin and Sheba to leave and he will go save the females, so Lincoln sets off on his own to save the females and is able to get them into a vehicle and heads back to the government checkpoint. He is being chased down by a rebel truck with a mounted gunner in the bed. In an intense chase, the guards take out the gunner and let the other vehicles make it to the barricade. Lincoln saved the daughter and some other females of the man they encountered in the building. This man was the person who was supposed to alter the power grid, that would alert Michael of the escape in 24 hours time. With his daughter saved he goes off to give Michael the signal.

At the prison, they had a lot of prisoners in solitary confinement that are set to be released at any time. One of the men Michael needs is afraid that he will be murdered because he had relations with a man. Most everyone in the prison is afraid that Michael is going to die, because he has been acting as if he is Kaniel Outis, when the REAL Kaniel Outis is about to be released from solitary confinement. The real Kaniel comes up to Michael, and they embrace. I think it’s very safe to say who the real objective of this escape operation is!