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5 Times Justin Baldoni & Gina Rodriguez were adorable on Instagram

You know me. I’m so Team Jafael it’s insane, so when Justin or Gina post adorable pics of each other on Instagram, I squeal with delight. Here are some of their cutest moments.

1. When Justin and Gina became Aladdin and Jasmine:

2. When they wore matching “Feminist” shirts–proving they’re equally woke:

3. When Justin showered Gina with praise, respect, and love:

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This is a special gratitude post for @hereisgina, my bad-ass acting partner and friend, who I've witnessed time and time again over the last 3 years put everything she has into our show. Who is in almost every scene, and usually ends up working 14 hour days every day. Who seems to have an endless supply of energy despite publicly fighting #Hashimotos…which I'm pretty sure no one even notices or remembers because she a warrior and never shows how tired her body probably really is. Who even on minimal sleep, somehow always knows her lines and always delivers insane, emotional and brilliant performances that make America laugh & weep every week. But perhaps most importantly, is someone who treats everyone she meets with love and respect no matter how overworked, tired, or stressed she might be. I can write this because I've seen it firsthand, over and over again… and I know that to show up the way she does every day takes nothing short of a superhero. Grateful for you today G. Thanks for inspiring all of us. And since you dedicate one day a week to lifting up and recognizing others in this business who are doing great things… I think it's only fair that you let us do the same thing for you. #icaniwill #janethevirgin #loveyouTVbabymamma #warrior

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4. When they were a silly, adorable family:

5. And when they gave Grace Kelly and Cary Grant a run for their money:

Disclaimer: I definitely am aware that both Gina and Justin are in serious relationships with other people (and we can all respect that). I’m shipping JAFAEL over here! Just look how cute they are! #Jafael5ever

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