Source: TGON

Darren Star’s series has hit its stride and is functioning in all levels in season 3. Wednesday’s episode of “Younger” showed the increasing breakdown between the old and new guards at Empirical as well as tension, tension and MORE tension (of a sexual nature) between Liza and Charles.

Bryce-the lame techie investor-has brought a culture of “anything goes” to the important publishing work Empirical has done over 100+ years. Ordering Liza and Kelsey to sign internet stars ’ The Stoopid Girls,’ he represents a shift in how the written word is viewed. As Kelsey and Liza explore VidPop with Lauren, they discover one half of the Stoopid Girls (Taylor) is an author with an impressive pedigree and an actual historical fiction novel completed. Bringing her in for a meeting, Bryce cancels last minute and in a pique, Liza gives him a piece of her mind. Bryce assures her that she is in no danger of layoffs but he’s recommending Empirical drop staff by 45%. It’s a blow-especially when those effected would be the experienced editors like Diana.

Speaking of Diana: the uptight, fabulously coiffed, prim and proper queen of the publishing world met a plumber and *cough*, got her “pipes” cleaned. The very HOT maintenance man was used as a means to an end for Diana’s pleasure alone. It was strong. It was reclamation of sexuality. It was steamy. Bravo.

As Diana was busy with other things, she gave Liza her opera benefit tickets. Looking fantastic in her gown (and Josh looking quite dapper in his tux), they run into Charles and his date Radha. Making the smallest of small talk, intimacy comes to a head when Liza leaves the restroom and is trying to adjust the zipper on her dress. Seeing her struggle, Charles offers to help and his tenderness in sweeping her hair from her shoulders has shippers’ hearts everywhere explode in squees.

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