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Based in Dublin Ireland there’s a company known as “Warducks,” where “Ducks of a feather play games together.” they’re known for creating phone-based apps, but Nikki Lannen, the CEO, has a new pride and joy on the market: Sneaky Bears. It’s a virtual reality game, and while I’ve never had much luck with VR, I decided to give it a chance. The gameplay – which I’ll get into more in a moment – is reminiscent of the weeping angels from Doctor Who, which adds JUST the right amount of terror to the game. Here’s how it goes:

Source: Sneaky Bears

Frank the teddy bear is intent on raising a stuffed animal army to take over the world. The only thing in his way? You. In the factor where he’s putting together his evil plot, you’ll go room-to-room and attempt to stop the army from rising. In terms of game-play, you’ll need a VR system that has some form of controls. (You can find solid VR systems at Walmart for reasonably good prices.) When you go room to room, teddy bears will attempt to surround you.

If you look at them, they’ll stop moving and you can tap them out of existence. If you don’t catch them in time, you’ll die and be forced to start the level over. Keep in mind that you’ll be spinning and rotating frequently, so my recommendation to the gamers who play this (and any other VR game) is to stand in an open space, or even sit in a chair that rotates at 360 degrees. With that being said, this game is extremely addicting and ruined any plans I’ve had for the past week. It’s available for both Apple and Android based products. I can confidently say that it gets 5 out 5 glasses, despite it being a phone-based game. Check it out for yourself, and thanks for reading!


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