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The Catch – The New Deal

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The Catch is back and hitting all of the action/romcom pieces it promised at upfronts.

Ben is in jail, Anderson/Vaughn Securities is under investigation and lacking its resources and Margot is heading the Kensington Firm. In short, things are upside down, inside out and in a state of flux.

While in jail, Ben is approached by FBI special agents Dao and Justine Diaz (played by goddess Gina Torres) to become an informant for 18 months. In setting up cons, Ben would shorten his prison sentence by over 13 years. He takes the deal, pleasing Diaz and Dao. Before his paperwork can be processed, he’s shanked by another inmate. When he wakes up not in a hospital but a very swanky L.A.-area home, the source of his breakout pops up. Rhys, Ben’s partner and play brother.

Source: Tumblr

On the con side, Margot is finding out heading a crime syndicate isn’t as easy as she thinks. When lieutenants from fellow crime families fail to show up at her leadership summit, her investigation into what’s going on with the firm dives deeper. A Kensington Firm hotel burned to the ground, a missing freighter with Kensington cargo and families not making payments on time are all signs of unhappiness with Margot’s takeover.

In actual family news, Alice’s deadbeat brother Tommy rolls into town bearing a bank account with $3MM-where it came from, he doesn’t know. Chloe manages to link the money to a Pasadena couple for whom Tommy walked dogs. Once at their home, Alice and PI associate Danny find the couple murdered. Plot twist right.

During all of this kerfluffle, Rhys and Ben run a job for a crime boss named Mangels. Mangels is in the midst of a nasty divorce from his wife Glenda. She has major leverage on him in a titanium briefcase, locked in a secure safe. While Ben masquerades as a masseuse, Rhys plays lookout as an electrician. Breaking the safe, they find an *ahem* sample of Mangels his estranged wife Glenda plans to use for 18 years of child support. Although Ben knocked her out with chloroform, she wakes up and threatens Rhys and Ben with her sidearm. Thinking fast, Ben tosses the sample over her head, where it smashes to the floor.

Bursting in the door: Alice, Diaz and Dao. Alice managed to finagle a new deal for Ben with the FBI. His cooperation will allow them to be together, legitimately. It’s the best possible scenario for a PI and a conman.

Oh, did I mention Margot is trying to hire Anderson/Vaughn to discover who’s sabotaging the Kensington Firm? Stay tuned.

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