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Lee’s Story

Source: American Horror Story Roanoke/ Fx

Fans may have noticed that a season regular had 0 screen time this episode, after Shelby admits that she called the police on her fugitive sister in law, and we have a behind the scenes look at what she was doing during the drama of episode 4:

Source: American Horror Story Roanoke/ Fx

Still serving looks in steel, Lee was being held safely behind bars, while her family endured multiple attacks by the evil spirits who captured her daughter.  Lee is unaware that Flora is alive and Matt has her and is under siege at the haunted farmhouse while she sits helpless.

However, jail isn’t a safe haven, and Lee’s situation could be just as dire as the one her family is in.

The chances are low that Ryan Murphy and his team will explore this dynamic, but we would love to have the story of an ex-cop convicted of supposed murder and kidnap as held in a jail cell of a backwoods community.


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