Never did I think an episode of television could be summed up with the sentence “A young girl must be submerged in a vat of honey and placed in a walk-in freezer which is then burned to save her life,” but here we are. I think for this recap I’ll just take this sentence part by part.

A young girl:

The episode opens late one evening in the garage with Toby complaining to Happy that he wants to go home, but Happy is too interested in a project she’s chatting about with a stranger on the internet in a chatroom called “MechanChics”. Toby briefly worries that Happy is catfished, but Happy says that the girl she’s talking to is too knowledgable about mechanics to be someone catfishing her and that she trusts the stranger. Toby decides to leave her for the night, while Happy voices her concern that they haven’t written back to her in a few minutes even though they were just talking a moment ago. At the beginning of the next scene we see that Happy has spent the night in the garage, and she wakes up on her desk to find that her internet friend has still not replied. She then feels like something terrible has happened and hacks the website to trace the user’s location, which she then speeds off too despite Toby’s concern.

It turns out, Happy’s intuition was correct. Something terrible did indeed occur. When she reaches the location, she finds a house surrounded by ambulance and firemen, a tree and sparking power line crushing the roof. She goes inside to find a teen girl concealed in a room made of plastic — her internet friend. The girl’s name is Ada and she has a serious immune system disorder which makes it impossible to breathe unpurified air or be expose to any type of germ or bacteria, effectively forcing her to spend the rest of her life in her “bubble”. However, the storm blew over a tree with a connecting power line and it fell through the roof, threatening to at any moment puncture the plastic and kill her. To make matters worse, the power line is live and they can’t turn it off or the machine filtering the oxygen to her room will shut down.

Submerged in a vat of honey:

Team Scorpion rushes over to help her and after a series of mishaps trying to remove the debris from on top of the plastic room, the team determines that they need to get her out of there before the power line melts the plastic and exposes her. They build a makeshift mobile bubble out of a hazmat suit and an oxygen tank. They intend to rush her to the hospital and keep her in the wing with premature babies, but on the ride over Ada starts to experience a severe allergic reaction to the gas they used to sterilize the suit. They don’t have time to make it to the hospital before she stops breathing, but they need to get her out of the suit ASAP, so they must devise a place to get her out but place her somewhere sterile. It’s Sly who suggests honey because of its apparently antibacterial properties. LUCKILY, Paige happens to know of a honey…farm? not far from where they are and they rush over there and actually make this poor girl go down into a barrel full of honey with an oxygen mask. I guess it’s better than the alternative, which is death.

Placed in a walk-in freezer, which is then burned:

Well, Team Scorpion decides they can’t keep in Ada in a barrel full of honey forever, so they need to get her to a sterile place to get her out. Sly says that the walk-in freezers they have in restaurants are airtight, so it would be the perfect place. The issue, however, is that meat lockers are not sterile. The only way to sterilize the locker quickly is to set it on fire and let the fire burn off the toxins. The catch — they can’t open the door after they light the freezer on fire or else it will get recontaminated, so Ada must be in the freezer when it happens.

They push the barrel into the room and burn it for 10 – 15 seconds and Ada emerges safe and sound from the barrel of honey. Another successful case for Team Scorpion!

A couple other key things happened in this episode as well. For one, Paige broke up with Tim after the distance finally took its toll on their relationship. This is good news for Walter, who’s apparently taken it upon himself to continue his emotional education via women’s magazines at the checkout line. Keep your heads up Waige fans! Sounds like things are about to get real!

Unfortunately, Cabe seems to be having trouble in his new relationship with the campaign manager for Sly’s competition. Things seemed to be going really well until she (sorry, I forget her name) released a video slandering Sly. She argues that she was forced into posting the video by her boss and she really needs the job. Cabe, however, is unconcerned with this fact and tells her that he likes her a lot but it can’t take back the fact that she did something which hurt Sylvester.

And finally, this whole episode was basically used as a plot device to give Toby a reason to ask Happy why she cares so much about this girl she met online. He believes it’s because she’s insecure about the fact that she doesn’t have any friends outside of Scorpion and this girl became her friend. A strange, roundabout way to get to this point but they got there all the same.

This was a strange one, certainly, but not bad. I give this episode a B.