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I don’t even know where to begin with this Supernatural episode, if I’m being honest. The past few episodes since the mid season break have been getting progressively better and better, culminating with the stellar Stuck in the Middle (With You), so I should really be less surprised than I am with this boring bomb. So here we go with Family Feud

The episode opens with a woman getting ready for bed, ominous music, and boom, arms reach through the bed and kill her. Six months later, it happens again in Iowa and the boys go to check it out. Turns out it’s a ghost from the same sunken ship that Crowley’s son, Gavin, was supposed to be on (Gavin was brought to the future by Abaddon way back in season 10). The boys call Crowley for help finding Gavin, since he may have some insight, but Crowley is busy  having fun playing with his new toy, Lucifer, who is all decked out in a new and improved Nick vessel (assuring that Mark Pellegrino is Lucifer for good). Crowley’s pissed that Kelly Kline and her Son of Satan baby are still out there. He refuses to help until that little issue is taken care of. The boys then turn to Rowena, and she helps them find Gavin with little fuss. In the meantime, more people are getting killed, all teachers or somehow the guardians of kids.

Mary is still working with the British Men of Letters, and she and Ketch have some weird tension that I’m not really a fan of. Much like how I feel about Mary. She gets fun new toys and an insight into herself when Ketch tells her she’s really only her true self when hunting, not as a mommy, to which I say no fucking shit. Meanwhile, Kelly is still in hiding, managing to keep wearing pantsuits for some inexplicable reason, but is followed by angels sent to kill her, and by one Yellow Eyed demon named Daigon (Prince of Hell) who feeds her some brainwashing bullshit about “protecting” her.

Back to the Gavin show: He shows up and looks at some ship pictures and manifests and recognizes a locket (which earlier magically floated into a teacher’s pocket), a gift he had given his sweetheart before leaving her for America. She stowed away on the ship, dying when it was lost at sea. So Fiona, Gavin’s lady love, is killing teachers. Fantastic. They find out where the last field trip was from and get there in the nick of time to save half of the teachers being attacked by Fiona. Gavin does a summoning spell to talk to her, but she’s pretty vengeful after all these years, since the crew of the ship mocked and raped her, and when she went to the teacher onboard, she was told she deserved it. So, rather than killing like, rapists or seamen, Fiona attacks and kills teachers because “they pretend to care about kids, but don’t.” Okay. Also she’s pissed at Gavin for not being there to protect her, but not pissed enough to immediately attack the guy who jilted her and left her to the clutches of monsters. Okay again.

Gavin and the boys pretty much determine that, since they can’t burn bones currently resting at the bottom of the Atlantic, and Gavin is feeling guilty about all the dead folk, the only solution is for Gavin to go back to his own time, find Fiona, and drown aboard The Star with her. Rowena agrees and gets a spellin’, but Crowley pops up and says no. Because that is in line with the guy who “hates his son”. Rowena argues that Gavin is actually a good person and that they should let him make his own choice, then paralyzes Crowley before he can zap Gavin away, giving Gavin and the boys a chance to go. They get back to the bunker and complete the spell, sending Gavin back, and saving everyone Fiona has killed. Go Team.

Then Mary comes to the bunker for some burgers, beer, and bullshit. She finally comes clean about the British Men of Letters, and tells her sons, who were tortured by BMoL that she fully intends to continue working with them, regardless of how they feel about it or the fact that they don’t trust them. Sam tries, bless his heart, to be understanding, and I just imagine Dean thinking of how he can’t imagine working with people who tortured his baby brother, and clearly has no time for Mary’s bullshit. Mary says they’re still family, and I roll my eyes so hard I see my past.


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Finally, Rowena is at a bus stop, and Crowley shows up, pissed. He knows she had some bitch reason for letting Gavin die, and she admits that it was payback for Crowley forcing her to kill Oscar, the only person to whom she had any real sentimental attachment, way back in season 10. She wanted to see Crowley suffer the loss of a child. Okay.

I guess this episode was about the fucked up dynamics of family, but honestly between the writing and incredibly out of character moments, I couldn’t bring myself to care. Fingers crossed next week goes back on the upward trend of the second half of the season.

BAMF: Gavin, for doing The Right Thing. I suppose.