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The Walking Dead Is Finally Back!

Are we going to get some answers to some of these questions? Like whose wire-laced boots are these? Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

I am very sure we will find out, one rumor that keeps popping up somehow is it’s going to be Morales from season 1. It’s an absolutely stupid rumor and I give it a 0% chance of happening. Morales was last seen heading to Alabama with his family and Rick’s group is in Virginia, the level of coincidence for all this to be at this pond is something I can’t comprehend. A little reminder of who Morales is he was the one in the front on the left in this picture.

Fun fact, as far as we know everyone whose face you can see in this picture is dead (Carol is currently dead inside). Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

Carol is lost. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

Is Carol going to pull her head out of herself? To answer this question, I am not entirely sure. I have been worried about the state of Carol, she seems to have checked out. In the show, it’s been reported multiple times that she was supposed to have the death of T-Dogg at the prison, and in the source material comic, that Carol wasn’t ever as strong minded or willed as this Carol. Maybe she really is lost, I just don’t see the fight in her.

This is one weird rave group. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

Who in the world are these people? Does this garbage in the background have anything to do with the walker with spikes through him? Answer one, I have no definitive answer, only speculation. Answer two is I think yes, it is to close to all these and perhaps a line of defense. As a side note I am happy to see Rick’s side eye make a reappearance, I’m guessing this group is not going to be a threat to Rick’s group, but perhaps someone here is the mysterious boot wearer.

Oceanside. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

Have we seen this entrance for the last time? I don’t think we have seen the last of Oceanside, now it might not be in this season, but I think we see them again. With either Tara giving them up to get more members or someone from the colony telling about this group that vanished and the weapons they had, that Rick’s group doesn’t that someone sets out to locate this group. Who knows maybe they want to join the fight to over throw the Saviors so they don’t have to live in fear and hiding.

Do we see an all out war this season? I am going to say no, show likes to build up, maybe slow build. I see the remainder of the season for the team to rally up, gather people, supplies, and a game plan before attacking the Saviors.
When can I watch The Walking Dead again? Sundays at 9 pm on AMC.

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