So for anyone who has been living under a rock, we are going to have our core rocked like never before on October 23rd. Rick and others are awaiting their fate from Lucille as Negan is going to kill at least one member of Rick’s group. At New York Comic Con they unveiled a new trailer. If you haven’t seen it you won’t know what most of this article is about, go make a quick Youtube search and get back here.

Who dies? That’s the big question, do we see some history repeating itself from the comic books, or will the show take it in a whole new direction? Is it going to be only one person, or perhaps two like I am thinking?

In the latest video we are left with a lot of talking between Negan and Rick, about how important a right hand man is, without one it just makes it a lot of work. Negan describes who his right hand manis, and asks if Rick has one, or if it was perhaps one of the fine people still left, or implying maybe he killed his right hand man. Based on this, most people would think that Rick’s right hand man would be Daryl, which it might be, and it’s possible he is the one who perished, the clothing article at the end of the video makes it seem that it might be Daryl.

Who, if you think back about it, was always by Rick’s side from nearly the beginning? Well that answer is obviously Morgan, but he is not there, and can’t really be considered Ricks right hand man. The same man who saved that “dumb ass” in the tank back in season 1.


Glenn seen after saving some dumb ass from being cornered in a tank. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC


Glenn was also willing to wear walker guts, and body parts to save others. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

Who was the one who thought he would be helping Rick, by going to town to get medicine for a pregnant Lori? Also Glenn, who was trying his best to lead the group at the prison when Rick lost Lori and went crazy for walker guts? Glenn! I think it’s one of those switch things where everyone think’s it’s one person but it’s really someone entirely. How I see this going down.


I think Glenn goes first. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

I see Glenn getting it at first, I think seeing the reactions between Glenn and Maggie, Negan in the back of his mind knows that killing one will create a huge shock wave to the others. With this going on, Maggie reacts and tries to get over to Glenn, with Negan saying if any more outbursts he will kill someone Negan looks to kill someone else.


I see Abraham trying to stop Maggie, or volunteer to get the second bashing as he knows that Maggie is pregnant. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

So I see Negan taking two lives, towards the tail end of the preview we see Negan with Rick and Rick’s hatchet going inside the trailer. It is very interesting to see if Negan takes it a step further and takes out Rick’s right hand. I am thinking he doesn’t, but with that said I am around 51% against, 49% that he will take his hand so it could go either way.

Besides how this turns out, Rick and the survivors will have to essentially work for Negan, gather supplies, food, medicine, etc and will have to pay him off. It will be interesting to see if Negan takes any people for himself, and I am anxious to see how and where Negan’s crew lives.

We also are going to get to learn more about the group the kingdom, which I am excited for, especially Shiva.


SHIVA SHIVA SHIVA! Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

All this going on, and don’t forget Tara is still out on her own. Who is she going to meet, if anyone, are they going to be apart of Negan’s group, or someone from the Hilltop, Kingdom network? Perhaps we will meet a new group of survivors entirely. We will have many interesting stories, dark stories, many many tears. Please stock up, or where your least favorite shirt for tears.

The Walking Dead will air a 2 hour special tonight at 9/8c on AMC as an update on how they got to where they are now. Season 7 returns on October 23rd.