Source: How To Get Away From Murder ABC

Rejoice HTGAWM fans! The hiatus is finally coming to an end TODAY! A week later than it was supposed to, of course, but we’ve all managed to survive.

The first half of the season ended with a shocker. RIP Wes Gibbins. We will miss you. Now the question remains: who murdered Wes? We know now that he died before the fire, and the second half of the season will be an attempt to answer the question #WhoKilledWes. Also a mystery is the identity of Laurel’s baby daddy. Is our dearly departed Wes the father? Is it Frank’s? Or, in true HTGAWM fashion, is it somebody completely unexpected?

This all remains to be seen. What we do know is that the upcoming episode, entitled “We’re Bad People,” finds Laurel still in the hospital, being questioned by the police. Laurel was inside the house and was injured in the explosion so hopefully she will have some new information to share with us about what exactly happened that night.


Source: How To Get Away From Murder

With Annalise still in jail, it will be up to the Keating Four to figure out what happened. While I, personally, don’t think that Annalise murdered Wes and set her own house on fire, this is HTGAWM so you really never know.

Tune in January 26th at 10pm EST to find out what happens next.