Where do I even begin to discuss this episode? It’s taken me this long to be able to speak at least somewhat coherently about this season finale. It lives up to the expectations of a Moffat-induced feels trip, but has also sparked some controversy among viewers.

Let’s break it down…

We left off episode 2 with the revealing of Eurus, the mysterious third Holmes sibling. (Admittedly, I’m still in shock on that one.) Episode 3 begins with Sherlock and John forcing Mycroft to reveal this secret he’s kept for so long. Their methods of scaring him into making this reveal are…unique and very “Moffat.” (What is it with his interest in clowns and small children?)

What follows is honestly non-stop backstory development, adrenaline, conclusions, and explanations to references that have been made in nearly every episode leading up to this.

Eurus, in all her exceptional mental capabilities, literally takes over the asylum not long after Sherlock, Mycroft, and John have arrived.

She forces them into a mind game of sorts, cruelly testing their morals and deductive skills to the utmost extent. It takes it’s toll on everyone involved (yes, that includes the show’s viewers.) Now, take a guess as to who was involved in the creation of this mind game? Jim Moriarty. You heard me.

I found it both fascinating and terrifying watching the effect these tests have on Sherlock. Eurus is immensely powerful, and is perhaps one of the only people who understands Sherlock inside and out.

Ultimately, Sherlock stops Eurus from trying to kill John and Mycroft, by realizing she is tortured, psychologically crippled, by the world’s inability to understand her.

It’s almost too much to comprehend at once. (Excuse me while I rewatch the episode nonstop for about a month…)

The conclusion of the episode is different than any of the previous season finales, in that it actually feels like an ending. No cliffhangers, no new plotlines to be figured out later. For once, an actual ending, with John and Sherlock finding another video message from Mary, with love to her “Baker Street boys” as they continue to solve crimes together.

Fade to black…contemplate the meaning of life…cry a little…or a lot…

I’m genuinely curious to see where they take the show next. This episode could easily function as the ‘real’ ending, but that seems odd, considering there has been no official announcement of the show’s official conclusion. Time will tell, I suppose.

Love it or hate it, what are your thoughts on this episode?