I’m trying a new thing here, so bear with me. Less filler, more killer (I’m just gonna tell you the mucho important stuff and stuff I thought was fun and other musings of mine).


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Official episode synopsis:
Cayden James ups the ante by launching his plan to take control of every aspect of the city. Despite the scope of Cayden’s plan, Oliver is determined to foil it with just the Original Team Arrow – and without the aid of Rene, Dinah or Curtis. But things get complicated when William is endangered as a result of Cayden’s handiwork.” – The CW

“We Fall” opens with a city councilman finding his car TPed, classic prank. The time keeps appearing on screen, 6:58 am.

The clock strikes 7. The councilman’s brakes give out. The power acts up at the hospital and a nurse is electrocuted. An elevator full of people including Police Captain Pike gets electrocuted.

Oliver shaved his beard, he looks 10 but on the bright side, him and William are bonding. Too bad it’s about a lie. William and Ollie are practicing archery with foam arrows. Ollie gets spanked and William thinks it’s because he is out of practice.

The councilman died, 6 in the hospital are also died and 5 more from the elevator.  RIP Pike.

The going theory is Cayden James is behind this electrical attack, kind of figured that was assumed. With this full-blown terrorist attack Oliver is willing to bring Curtis, Dinah and Rene back into the fold.

With Captain Pike permanently out of commission Lance is placed in charge by Mayor Queen.

Felicity touches base with Team Mr. Canardog (Mr. Terrific + Black Canary + Wild Dog) and they are willing to share info. The teams will be playing nice today, which is great cause Cayden James just crashed a plane.

For some random reason Curtis’s T-sphere has started tracking Vigilante, they assume it’s his doing and they plan to sting him on his sting.

Star City is going analog, everyone is getting off the grid.

Vigilante is a double agent and he wants the new team’s help. In good faith, he gives Curtis James’s next target. If Vigilante is telling the truth, I may have just become more interested in his character.


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Oliver Queen has a 10 am meeting and it’s with Cayden James. He wants vengeance for his son’s death. To save the city Oliver must wire 10 million dollars into an off-shore account, tonight and every night until further notice is given. James doesn’t want the money, he wants to bankrupt the city. James claims that on this day a year ago Oliver’s arrow missed his target and struck Cayden’s boy, I’m not buying it.

Felicity has finally found out that Cayden James used her to plant a virus like 8 episodes ago.

According to the original Team Arrow there is no way Oliver was responsible for James’s son’s death because one year ago he was recruiting Dinah, I knew it. So, either James is lying or someone framed the Green Arrow.

Curtis checks the info from Vigilante with Felicity and it’s good. In doing this Felicity realizes James is targeting all the ways in and out of the city. To make matters worse there is only one place left, the tunnel out of the city and William is heading that way on a field trip.

The new team is off to save a train and O.G. Team Arrow, Diggle and Ollie are off to save William.

A sonic scream stops the train. Looks like the new team’s first outing was a success.

In the tunnel, a gas pipe bursts. On his bus William takes the lead to get everyone to safety. Guess he takes after his father. He saves everyone else but in doing so he gets trapped behind rubble. Spartan and Green Arrow arrive to help. Ollie saves William and Dig saves everyone else.


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They take William to the Arrow Cave, he should be excited, that place is dope but he is just mad that Ollie is back in the hood.

Rene official dubs the team, New Team Arrow, not very catchy if you ask me. Curtis comes clean on Vigilante’s status. Rene is on board, Dinah not so much.

Felicity got a lead from Alena about a package that Cayden James got from Corto Maltese last year, it might be the false evidence incriminating Oliver.

Oliver holds a press conference, name drops Cayden James and declares that Star City does not negotiate with terrorists. Somehow Cayden plays it off like that was all part of the plan. This guy thinks he is so smart, he and The Flash’s Thinker would get along swimmingly.

At the evil lair, Vigilante uses the tracker to send New Team Arrow a message on Curtis’s T-Sphere about the next target. After talking it through earlier, Dinah agrees to suit up.

Team Arrow and New Team Arrow team up, just like the old days. They do their thing and save the day. Felicity gives William a little pep talk about Oliver being a hero. It was really cool cause they overlaid the talk with Ollie and the two teams kicking ass. Vince saves Wild Dog during the fight, officially convincing everyone on his double agent status.

In rebuttal of his defeat Cayden James terminates all communication in Star City.

Felicity, Oliver and William have a talk, Ollie puts it all on the line. If William wants him to stop he will. After seeing how badass Oliver was earlier, he understands the city needs the Green Arrow. He also isn’t afraid of being an orphan now because he has Felicity. Ollie’s back baby!

Alena reaches out to Felicity, she couldn’t turn up anything. With that news Ollie wires the money.

So, I did the same thing as all my other posts but I like this format better so I’m sticking with it.

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