Source: Nerdist

With the Christmas special over and done with, we’re now looking forward towards series 10 of Doctor Who! We have a brand new companion and this is the last series with Steven Moffat as showrunner, this series promises to be special indeed.

Bill Potts is the new companion but there isn’t an awful lot known about her. Moffat has confirmed that she is another companion from modern day Earth and will challenge the Doctor is new ways, asking questions that no one else has. So, like all the other companions he’s written then. Though from the trailer she is the first person I can remember ever asking the Doctor where the toilet is! But from what we’ve seen of her, she’s a normal human girl in her early twenties in a kind dead end job. Which seems to be a formulae we keep coming back to in Modern Who. Every time a new companion is announced there are rumours for a while that they may come from a different time zone and have a completely different outlook on things and then it’s announced that no, they’re from the present day again. You would have thought by now we would have learnt not to get our hopes up but the idea of having a companion who isn’t from modern day Earth is too good. Doctor Who has been running long enough now that we don’t need someone from our time to be able to relate to them and for them to be our eyes into the world. A companion from the past would be able to have just as much intelligence and insight, and also give viewers a chance to see the world we live in now from a totally different point of view.

We also know that she’s at a university when she meets the Doctor and as she knows him as a lecturer it seems that he’s trying his hand at teaching again. Presumably it’s a cover though this time he isn’t going to meet Sarah Jane also investigating. Continuing to travel with the Doctor is Matt Lucas’ Nardole. So far he’s been mostly around for comic relief so it’ll be good to see what else he can do with more time to explore the character. He’s certainly not from modern day Earth so hopefully he can bring more of an insight than just a few gags.

Known returning villains include Michelle Gomez’s Missy who can certainly go toe to toe with the Doctor and is always a delight to watch her schemes unfold. Also we have returning Daleks. Perhaps this time we can have a Dalek episode that isn’t a rehash of a Classic story but just not done as well.

I’m sure Moffat will want to go out with a bang and as this is his last full series hopefully he will be able to pull it out of the bag and Chris Chibnall will be a refreshing change if nothing else. Though his Doctor Who stories haven’t been the most complicated – mostly fun romp episodes – he did a good job being head writer on Torchwood and I look forward to seeing what he brings to the role in 2018. If you’ve yet to see it, watch the exciting teaser for series 10 below!