We are deeply saddened by the loss of Carrie Fisher here at The Game of Nerds. We lost more than just our childhood princess. We lost an amazing artist who broke down gender barriers with her acting, writing, and activism, while conquering her inner demons like the bad ass she was. Most of us first loved her as Princess Leia where she will forever be a part of a childhoods’ of past present and future generations. However, we often forget that there are so many great films over the years she script doctored for such as Lethal Weapon, Hook, and Sister Act. She also made sure an entire generation would never forget that mental illness doesn’t define you as a person, and it’s not something to be ashamed or fearful of. Carrie was a beacon of hope of those battling with mental heath issues and trying to survive on a daily basis. Her inspiration shined through out the galaxy.

Thank you, Carrie, for fighting against body shaming, sexism, and the stigma on mental health in Hollywood.

Thank you for giving me and many others, a person to look up to and inspired us to have a sense of humor even in the darkest of time of our lives.

Thank you for pushing the envelope and never conforming to whatever everyone thought you should be.

Thank you for being honest and teaching us to enjoy the small moments in life.

Thank you for sharing your life stories.

Thank you for being a champion, and ALWAYS being our hero.

Rest in Peace, Space Princess/General.