Skills-Based Gaming and Anti-Cyberbullying – Women Lead the Way

Video gaming is historically a male-dominated arena, but women gamers are increasingly coming into their own. The industry is slowly starting to accept and respect female gamers, and they are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with, as their numbers swell all the time.

The changes are slow in coming, but the character-driven games that women so prefer are getting more attention, and more female game developers are being employed. Among the worst fallout effects of the more equal gaming landscape has to be cyberbullying.

Women Labelled Yet Again as “Deserving It”

Cyberbullying, as all bullying does, preys on the weakest groups in a society. That means that the demographic most affected is children and teenagers, but women are impacted to a very large extent too.

The biggest reason for cyberbullying events seems to be an erroneous notion that the victims somehow “deserve” to be bullied. Gamergate, which happened in 2014, is a clear illustration that some people still believe this of women who dare to set foot in the traditionally male video game world.

Gamergate started with the allegation that a new product’s popularity was not for its own merits, but because if the fact that the developer was a woman. It snowballed and went completely viral from there, involving hate main, abuse, death threats and more by the time it was all over.

Breaking Eggs to Make an Omelette

Traumatic as Gamergate was, these are the kind of events we need to push females in the gaming world and to boost their anti-cyberbullying efforts. Conversations need to be had, old conventions need to be reassessed and new policies need to be put in place. It will take a long tome to change, but the time to begin is now.