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There have been a lot of ups and downs this
season. Season Five ended with Mr Hyde bringing a lot of new fictional
characters from the Land of Untold Stories into Storybrooke, making their
stories all start to play out again after they’d done their very best to stop
their fate from happening. As well as this, Regina had used Dr Jekyll’s formula
to separate herself from the Evil Queen, trying and failing to destroy her. I’m
still disappointed that we didn’t get more of Jekyll and Hyde. I would have
liked some Science Bros action with Frankenstein. And some more of Frankenstein
in general, that small clip wasn’t nearly enough of the enigmatic doctor.

However, the loss of Jekyll and Hyde so
early does lead to the discovery that one of the only ways of killing the Evil
Queen will be for Regina to die as they’re the same person. Which would be
unfortunate for the whole Charming family.

We have been definitively told that Emma is
not the only Saviour. With all the lands out there that need saving, that’s not
exactly a huge surprise. But this season we’re introduced to ‘street rat’
Aladdin who shirked his duty of becoming Saviour in order to save his own skin
by using the shears of the Fates to cut ties with his destiny. Thus sacrificing
the whole of Agrabah in a selfish act.

There is a lot about Fate in this season.

Emma has been having visions of her future
and her death as all Saviours who fulfil their duty die trying to help to save
others. As these visions progress she begins to doubt herself and her ability
to even be the Saviour. And when she finds Aladdin is still alive, he gives her
the shears so that she can save herself in the same way that he did. However
she refuses to do so, asking Killian to dispose of the shears for her.

Of course, Rumple gets his hands on the
shears and he has a cunning plan for them. He’s going to use them to cut his
child’s destiny. Which of course is totally going to be fine with Belle.

The Rumbelle relationship has been going
badly for a long time. And Rumple seems determined to make it as bad as
possible as he continually pushes Belle to her limits and threatens both her
and their unborn child. In the end she sends the newborn baby away.

The Black Fairy kidnaps the newborn Gideon
from Blue and raises him as her own. As he is the fairy’s grandson, this has
somehow made the family tree of the Charmings even more complicated. The new
baby is Henry’s uncle.

Also, Rumple is half fairy? At least half?
Surely this is a fairly important thing and yet it’s barely been mentioned
other than as the reason why Rumple doesn’t like fairies. He’s turned against
the entire race because his mother abandoned him but what of the fact he has
fairy blood? Is that important for him? Does it even make a difference to what
people can and can’t do in terms of magic if they’re not only magic, but fairy?
So many unanswered questions!!

So with this half of the season over and new
episodes not expected until March, what is there still to take place?

Aladdin has become a Genie and taken Jasmine
to Agrabah so that they can rebuild their home. What will they find there?

Regina and Emma are trapped in a Wish Realm
version of the Enchanted Forest after the Evil Queen used Aladdin’s lamp to
wish Emma had never been the saviour. Will they be able to make it home? Have
they used the only magic bean in the land? What will happen now that the
version of Robin Hood from that land has turned up to rob them?

Will the Charmings ever be able to break
their curse? – Incidentally, still my favourite thing that the Queen has done.
Cursing their heart/s so that they can’t be awake at the same time was pure
unbridled genius!

What will happen to Storybrooke now that
Emma and Regina are gone?

And what is the adult Gideon/Morpheus going
to do now? He’s returned to Storybrooke under the cloak that Emma has seen in
her visions of the person who kills her. He has been raised by the Black Fairy
for some unknown purpose and clearly his return has something to do with that.

It’s a long time until March!