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Brooklyn Nine-Nine “Captain Latvia”

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It’s Christmas Eve for the 99 which means giant inflatable Christmas trees, bad caroling, and Latvian action figures.

Let’s start by talking about the real MVP, Boyle. Charles Boyle went full on super dad during this episode and it was awesome. He told Nikolaj that he would get him the rare Captain Latvia action figure for Christmas; the problem is that it was smuggled in by a Latvian gang (unbeknownst to Boyle). Determined to uphold his promise to his son, Boyle went from the relatively soft and smushy cop we’ve come to love, and went full on John McClane. While you would think that Jake would love this, it actually just made him nervous. Boyle continued to put himself in dangerous situations, while Jake knew that the most important gift Boyle could give his son is time and love. And he can’t give him any of that if he’s gotten himself killed trying to acquire an action figure.

It’s always a fun change of pace to see Jake as the voice of reason, and when he gave Boyle that backup gift (a policeman action figure, which Nikolaj loved because it was like his Papa), it was easy to see that not only was Jake right, but that he’ll also make a pretty great dad one day.

The rest of the gang was knee deep in a caroling showdown with the MTA. Those mole people can SING! And the 99 can’t. At all. It’s pretty painful actually. Because the 99 is so competitive, they decided to bring a man sitting in the drunk tank with the voice of an angel into the fold. Because nothing says Christmas like policemen caroling with drunkards. At the actual competition, the MTA killed it (of course), but the 99 fell flat when Drunkie was too sober to sing. Easy solution here: get him drunk! And that’s what Amy did! Too bad he becomes a belligerent asshole when he drinks, so the 99 was booed off the stage when he started yelling obscenities mid-carol.

Scully, ever the voice of reason (jk jk), reminded everyone that Christmas isn’t about winning and competition, it’s about capturing that joy and spirit in your heart and sharing it with others. Omg he’s Linus! Anyway, we were led out of the episode with some beautiful carols by Scully and the rest of the 99, which put me right into that jolly spirit he spoke of!

Happy Holidays, everyone! 

Source: IMBD

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