We are back lovelies, but sadly only for three episodes.  Even though we don’t know the future of Reign just yet, I am just glad we have the upcoming episodes to look forward too.

When we last left France, Catherine and Mary got a little bloody with Don Carlos and his SEX HORSE.  As they try to cover up their tracks, they are faced with a lot of personal issues.  Catherine is still being accused of killing Francis, and tries to burn all of her poisons.  She finds one that she doesn’t recognize.  Obviously someone has framed her.  Narcisse. Trying to hold on to his new found Regency, is in charge of bringing Catherine down (though I think he has some personal vendetta too).  Questioning literally everyone, he questions Claude (more like pressured her, since he found her diary).  Sadly, Claude confesses that her mother once tried.

Seeing that Catherine is SOL, Mary enlists the help of Bash.  This creates some lovely Basherine scenes (YESSS!).  Bash finds out that bribery was a foot and that Francis wasn’t poisoned at all.  They dig up Francis’ body and show Narcisse the evidence.  This sets Catherine free and puts Narcisse in the dog house (but more on that later).

Mary also finds out that Narcisse was the one who put the rat I Lola’s bath (and not Catherine), and that Narcisse and Catherine have started up their affair (again).  Being a good friend, Mary tells Lola about the rat (but not of the affair).  Having faith in her husband, Lola dismisses Mary until she sees that her scribe’s handwriting is similar to the note left with the rat.  She confronts Narcisse, who finally confesses (but not until after he kills the scribe).  Lola is mortifies and ends the relationship.

If Mary doesn’t have enough on her hands, she finds out that her people are starving (and no thanks to the English).  She also finds out that Lola’s father and brothers are captured while trying to their food back from the English.  Seeing that Elizabeth will only free her family if she goes to English Court, Lola sets out for England.

While all this drama is happening in the castle, Don Carlos awakes from Acoma, Unfortunately, he is rendered an idiot, but luckily for Mary, is infatuated with her.  Mary uses that to her advantage.  After seeing some starving children (and some dead children) from Scotland, Mary decides to marry Don Carlos to secure food and power for Scotland.

As always a lot has happened this episode.  I am saddened by the (hopefully temporary) end of Larcisse, but I am intrigued about what will happen to Lola in England.  I loved the Basherine scenes, and I hope they continue on the vein (bye, bye, Delphine!)  All in all, another great episode.  Until next week lovelies!