We open directly after last week’s show. Josh, who tried to kill Nancy but then dies instead, comes up missing. After seeing the video which let the authorities know Nancy wasn’t lying about the events that lead up to Josh’s death, but also revealed that Josh walked out of the garage.

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Mr. Drew tries to get Nancy to stay home. She is rushing out the door to prove him innocent. George, Nick, Bess, and Ace discuss Harbor Day and the aglaeca. Supposedly you can ask the sea spirit once a year on Harbor Day for a boon and you may or may not get it. Ace, Nick, and Nancy run off to bring information to the sheriff’s office. Well and to get some information. Nancy at least now has a direction in which to look.

Owen Marvin comes to the police station to check on Nancy. He offers to help Nancy out. I think he really likes her. As Owen and Nancy get answers about the night in question for Ryan and Lucy, which actually may raise more questions, Ace and Nick cross-reference Clair and Josh. They are hoping to see where Josh and Clair may have crossed paths for Josh to get some of Clair’s poison.

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Back with Owen, Lucy comes to see Nancy again. When back at The Claw Nancy explains that she thinks Lucy wants her bones found. They need the Historical Society. As George and Bess get ready to leave, Nancy has pulled away with an emergency with Ace, Nick and the clues they were chasing there. They now know how Josh got the poison for killing Ryan.

Nothing the gang is doing is enough to keep Mr. Drew out of jail or finds justice for Lucy. Lucy is finding more and more tricks and is riding Nancy hard. It is apparent that Lucy must call the aglaeca. It’s a good thing, Bess, George and Owen found out how to. There is an old rhyme spake and a toll that must be paid. While waiting for Ace, Nick and Nancy, George and the rest were busy. They made a wreath and got knives and rope to call they aglaeca. The six of them call for the aglaeca and wait.

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How did Josh get the poison? Did the aglaeca show? What was the toll? Why do these guys get so much information from everyone? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…