Photo Source: TU NOTIMUNDO Twitter

At last, the wait is over and the Gilmore Girls revival has dropped. We’ll be reviewing each episode separately, but I have a lot of questions after binge-watching the entire series on Black Friday. If you haven’t watched, this is probably a good place to stop. But if you’ve watched Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall and still have questions, then jump in! Here are 15 questions that are still nagging me after I watched the revival.

  1. Am I the only one who hates the Life and Death Brigade???
  2. Did Paris and Doyle go through with the divorce after all?
  3. What was Rory’s New Yorker piece about?
  4. What language was Berta speaking? (And did everyone notice that the same actress played Berta and Gypsy???)
  5. How could Rory afford to travel back and forth to London???
  6. How did Rory and Logan get back together and begin this weird relationship?
  7. What happened to Logan’s job in Palo Alto?
  8. Who’s the father of Rory’s baby? Everyone is thinking it’s Logan, but what if it’s Paul? Or the Wookie guy???
  9. And is Rory going to tell the father? Or become a single mother?
  10. Did Michel decide to stay at the Dragonfly Inn after Lorelai purchased land to expand?
  11. Why on earth did Rory send her boxes to so many different addresses?
  12. Why is Rory OK with being the “other woman” again???
  13. How does Emily even know what Inside Llewyn Davis is?
  14. Why did Richard leave money for Luke, but not for Lorelai?
  15. What’s going to happen to the Star’s Hollow Gazette?

What about you? What are your burning questions after watching the revival??