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Last week’s “Drunk History” focused on one of my favorite topics, food. From the artichoke war of 1930s New York City, to Julia Child’s triumphant rise to the culinary mountaintop, the narrators provided hilarious take on what food means to people.

-Mayor Fiorrello La Guardia was a tiny man whose name means “the little flower”

-La Guardia ate artichokes with mayonnaise…which is gross and disgusting

-According to narrator Lyric, Julia Child was “dumb tall”

-Amazingly, Julia Child ate nothing but processed/canned foods before she met her husband, Paul

-Fave line during the segment: “Cool, cool, cool, tight, tight, tight.”

-Did you know that distilled molasses makes rum?

-Not a good idea to have a company treasurer design a million gallon holding tank

-2.3 million gallons of molasses flooded North Boston in 1919

-Molasses does NOT taste like”God sh!t on licorice”

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