Hey guys! Welcome back to another TGON Plays! This week I have the IMMENSE pleasure of bringing Dishonored to your beautiful eyes. It was released just last week on November 11th and has literally taken over my heart. But, since I’m fairly easy to please, you can’t take my word for it. Instead, you should read on and learn why I love this game. I’ll say it now, Dishonored 2 DEFINITELY has it’s ups and downs, but every game has it’s “lull” moment that, regardless of your immense love for it, makes you want to skip past that part and get to the good stuff.

Emily Kauldwin had a very difficult time adjusting as The Empress of Dunwall. Fifteen years ago to the day, during the Rat Plague that killed thousands, a coup took place. Jessamine Kauldwin, Emily’s mother, was assassinated, and Emily was kidnapped. Corvo Attano, Jessamine’s Royal Protector and Emily’s father, was framed and imprisoned for the murder. Upon his escape, he hunted down the assassins, rescued Emily, and brought order back to Dunwall. Now, during the 15 year anniversary of her mother’s death, Emily finds herself the center of another, and more nefarious coup. Through out the land, whispers of a serial killer called “The Crown Killer,” have been popping up. All eyes look to Emily and Corvo, not for help, but in accusation. It seems “The Crown Killer’s” victims are all enemies of the Empress of Dunwall, and many believe Emily and her father are taking out anyone who oppose her.

Unfortunately for Emily, this is not the case. It seems a Duke and a woman named Delilah Kauldwin are behind the attacks, and Delilah claims to be Jessamine’s sister. She also claims that, as such, she is the rightful heir to the throne and demands that Emily step down. The guards around them are slaughtered, and as mil and Corvo stand back-to-back, ready to fight, the player is given the option to choose between playing as one of the two. Once you choose, the other character is imprisoned in a way they can’t escape and you’re forced to flee the tower. You travel all over the empire in search of a way to lash out at the people who have usurped your family, and for a way to rescue your imprisoned loved one.

Dishonored 2 is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows, and while its graphics and game-play don’t much vary from its predecessor, its overall story line is…absolutely amazing. It’s not better, nor worse than the first, but instead it’s on an even playing field in terms of creativity, plot twists, and is pure entertainment. One thing I absolutely adore is the fact that a couple of my favorite actors/actresses voice characters. You could say this game brought the Marvel T.v. Universe and the DC T.v. universe together by bringing Robin Lord Taylor (Gotham) in to voice The Outsider, and Rosario Dawson (Jessica Jones, DareDevil, Luke Cage) in to voice Captain Meagan Foster. It’s definitely a unique set of voice actors and they bring this game together in such a marvelous way. Despite it’s major differences to the original Dishonored, this game DOES have it’s similarities that can make the game boring to some, and so I’m only giving it 4 out of 5 glasses. Regardless, you should all play this game as soon as you can. Tune in next time for another TGON Plays, and Thanks for Reading!