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Rama, also spelled Ramachandra, is the seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. An avatar is the human incarnation of a god. Such as the case with Jesus. Vishnu is part of a triple god set with Brahma, the creator, and Shiva, the destroyer. Vishnu is the protector and preserver. Rama is the most revered of Vishnu’s avatars and known as the Supreme Being to some.

Rama’s parents were King Dasharatha, his father, and Queen Kaushalya, his mother. His two stepmothers were Kaikeyi and Sumitra. He had a sister, Shanta, and three brothers, Lakshmana, Bharata, and Shatrughna. His beloved wife was Sita, and they had twin sons, Lava, and Kusha. Rama was born with the specific purpose of taking on the demon King Ravana who ruled in Lanka. He was the answer to his father’s prayers. Rama and his three brothers all possessed divine qualities, though Rama had the lion’s share. He was closest to his brother Laksmana.

Rama met his wife Sita when he went on an adventure with his brother to kill some demons. They ended up in Mithila in their travels, where King Janaka hosted the brothers. That is where he met Sita. Sita’s hand in marriage went to whoever could bend a bow that was Shiva’s. Rama broke the bow and won Sita.

For some reason, Queen Kaushalya’s slave Manthara hated Rama. She convinced Kaikeyi to push King Dasharatha to make her son Bharata heir to the throne, not Rama. Kaikeyi was successful in doing so. To make matters worse, King Dasharatha also exiled Rama for fourteen years. Rama packed his stuff and left with Sita and Laksmana. In that fourteen years, King Dasharatha died. Bharata was supposed to take the throne but couldn’t because he knew it was Rama’s birthright and felt that his brother had been unfairly taken out of the line of succession. He vowed to get his brother and give back the throne. When Bharata found Rama, Rama refused to come home until he finished his exile imposed by their father. Bharata agreed to be his regent until Rama returned.

In the remainder of his exile, Rama visited sages and killed demons. Surpanakha, a demon who is the sister to Ravana, fell in love with Rama. Rama wasn’t having it and told her no. She went insane. Well, more insane than she already was. Surpanakha attacked Sita to get back at Rama. Rama cut off her ears and nose. This only enraged Surpanakha more. She convinced her brother Ravana to take Sita so she could have Rama. Rama was quick to catch on and chase after.

In his pursuit, he had to kill Kabandha, a headless demon. Rama was able to talk to Kabandha’s soul after his death. Kabandha told Rama to get back up from the monkey king. To be able to get help from the monkey king, Sugriva, he had to help restore Sugriva to power. This is how he met Hanuman, a monkey god. Hanuman and Sun Wukong has been studied together. With Hanuman’s help, they were able to slay Ravana, take Lanka, and save Sita. Here is where Rama is the asshole. Yes, I am calling a God an asshole. He does all this to save his beloved wife and then believes she was unfaithful to him with her captor. Even if she had not been “faithful,” I am very sure it would not have been her idea to do so. She goes through the fire of the god Agni to prove her fidelity and comes out unscathed.

Depending on what you read, they go one from there happily ever after, or he still isn’t satisfied. A GOD TELLS YOU YOUR WIFE IS FAITHFUL, AND YOU STILL EXILE HER?!!! Yeah. He sends her to live with a sage, and she sends him back twin sons that he recognizes as his. It isn’t until the Earth swallows her whole at her behest, showing Rama that she is a good and faithful wife, that Rama truly believes her. I thank the Gods he isn’t my husband.

What do you think of Rama? He is undoubtedly a God with unmatched fighting skills, so I can see his usefulness for Smite. However, as a deity, he is not one I will ever ask for help from. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Until next time.