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“Younger” is steadily moving into the “will they or won’t they” territory to “this is going to be inevitable” very quickly. The show rarely rests on its laurels and pushes into new storylines brimming with tension and excitement for the future. “What’s Up, Dock?” was a funny (punny), poignant glance at the potential romantic relationships Liza’s had, has and COULD have if the cards fell a certain way.

Liza and Maggie
The bedrock, the yin and the yang, the ‘fronds to the ond.’ In a special and touching opening, Liza gives a heartfelt thanks to Maggie for helping her become the person she was meant to be. It’s difficult to reinvent yourself (especially a younger self) after a divorce and Liza realizes Maggie’s support has been the catalyst for her change.

Diana and Rando Bike Rider
Getting out of her cab at work, Diana meets a handsome stranger who’s taken by her style (howdy to Broadway star Norm Lewis). Trying to impress the bike riding stranger, Diana enlists Liza to help her rent a MetroBike. After a short, wobbly ride, Diana discovers her handsome random bike rider is married. It’s a slight blow to her self-esteem but Diana is nothing if not resilient. Dumping the bike on the sidewalk, she texts Liza to pick it up…and therein the trouble begins.

Liza and David
Liza and separated husband David signed divorce papers and made things final…so she thought. Called by the mediator, Liza finds out she and David must sign an amendment because she put her fake age on an official court document. Slightly distracted by that and most definitely distracted by a street harassing construction worker, Liza hits a car on the bike. In the hospital, she’s taken care of by Maggie and Josh and visited by Diana. The love for her is shown and palpable; it’s also expressed by someone else as well.

Charles and Radha
One can tell when someone is more invested in a relationship and that is Radha to Charles to a T. Finding out Liza’s been seriously injured, he foregoes a date with Radha to visit Liza. She throws an ultimatum and Charles takes off for the hospital with zero hesitation. While there, morphined up Liza doesn’t realize the intimacy in which Charles tucks her blanket in or touches her feet. It’s a purely kind act wrapped in the promise of something more. “Younger” is the master at the medium burn and they are giving us all of it and more this season.

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