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Once Upon a Time: “I’ll Be Your Mirror”

Source: ABC Network // OUAT

With Snow and David unable to be conscious at the same time, this is really going to make planning things more difficult. The Evil Queen’s deliciously cruel plan is definitely something I can get behind to split the Charmings up!

  •  Previously: The Evil Queen is evil. And the Dragon says that Regina need to beat the Queen
  • Regina is determined to sacrifice herself to help her friends
  •  Emma’s future says she’s going to die so she needs to know Regina will be there for their son
  • Snow has come up with the plan of “Writing notes between her and her husband”
  • Ah yes. Mirrors
  •  Lovely upbeat music as the Charmings come up with this new way of living together when they can’t see one another
  • This is really adorable!! – Regina wants to trap her in the… World Behind The Mirror
  • Henry is having relationship troubles
  •  The Evil Queen’s dresses are always so gorgeous
  • Well this isn’t going to go well
  • Whoa. I like the mirror world. It’s creepy
  • Henry’s the way out?
  • Ooooo the Evil Queen is sneaky
  •  She’s so obviously not Regina!!
  •  Belle and Zelena go to Aussie Aladdin to steal things
  • This whole Evil Queen and Rumple thing is creepy
  • The Hammer of Hepheastus?
  • She wants to give Henry magic?
  •  “Love can be weakness. But it can always be a weapon. And I’m about to use that weapon on my son”
  •  Awww Killian!!
  •  Broken mirror and Emma’s phone. So he’s figured out it’s the Queen
  • If Henry’s been stood up, I’m not going to be happy
  • This is not the kind of thing Regina would say!! Henry!!
  • Yes! Henry has figured it out!!
  • The Dragon!
  • For one of the most amazing thieves ever, Aladdin is being kinda obvious
  •  Abu?
  • They found Sydney’s home in the mirror realm! Poor Sydney
  •  Henry do not listen to her! Or her Star Wars references!
  • The Dragon’s hear
  •  Oh my god it’s gorgeous!!
  • Don’t do it Henry!!!
  •  How does the Dragon still have magic?
  •  YES!!
  • Go Killian!
  •  Henry looks… so confused
  •  I do like Aladdin and Jasmine. Even though his accent does drive me mad
  • Wait, he’s found a genie lamp?
  •  Rumple you are SUCH a beast
  • Wait, Gold can’t hurt Zelena? I don’t remember ANY of this
  •  So if you can’t do it Snow, what are you going to do?
  • Has Henry set up his own dance for Violet? That’s so cute!
  •  Violet is just having trouble with school? That’s so… normal
  •  Gold, if you love Belle so much… snogging the Queen is not going to help thatSo in conclusion, Rumple is awful, the Queen is awful, Regina and Emma are brilliant. And Henry is a lot stronger than the Queen thinks.

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