Source: TGON

Last week’s episode of our favorite secret-keeping crew was all about shrouding identities. Empirical’s most famed author, L.L. Moore, whom also is writing under the nom de plume Aubrey Alexis, is a blabbermouth. The novel “Me, Myself and I”-which is an exploration of a young woman’s sexuality-is touted as the IT book on the publishing circuit. It’s also supposedly written BY a woman, Aubrey Alexis. For an attention seeker like L.L. Moore, this is patently unacceptable. At an annual erotica conference, Moore almost blows his and Empirical’s cover by shouting out, “I am Aubrey Alexis!” In a brilliant move, Kelsey does her own Spartacus impression and yells out the same. Multiple folks stand up and express the sentiment and the crisis is averted…for now.

At the same erotica gathering, head honcho Charles and his girlfriend Rachael have another awkward encounter with Liza. Sarah’s jealousy and enmity toward Liza is palpable and each time they meet, the animus increases. It puts Charles in a precarious position and is a truly bad look on an accomplished woman like Radha.

The gang is slightly separated in social situations in this episode. “Younger” is providing more focus to Maggie and her love connections get more and more interesting. At a Shabbat dinner for her new love interest Malkie and her friends, Malkie’s folks’s prove to be nice but overwhelming. They invade Maggie’s loft, monopolize her weekends for 3 years in advance and are simply overbearing. She is honest with Malkie and they break up, amicably.

Because this is an episode about lust and how it shapes lives, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the on and off-again lovebirds. Josh is disconcerted to discover Liza’s only slept with 3 men in her life. He writes her a hall pass for a one-time step out with another guy. Liza insists it isn’t necessary…but pockets the coupon anyway. Thoughts of her boss in her head? We shall find out in the coming weeks. Stay close to TGON for more “Younger”coverage.