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Jane the Virgin “Chapter 48″

Source: CW Network // Jane The Virgin

Last week on Jane The Virgin, Jane and Michael dealt with financial troubles, Xiomara got a new job, Luisa dealt with her alcoholism, Rafael and Rogelio finally became bros, and Jane and Rafael discovered something big.

Jane and Michael

After finding out that they’ve only been covering half of their rent each month (Petra–who’s in a coma–was covering the other half), the couple try to cut corners and budget to afford rent on their own. But I guess no one ever told them that money causes lots of problems in relationships–especially when you don’t have that much. Jane has gotten used to having Rogelio and Rafael to fall back on, but Michael has been in his own for a while. After a pretty big fight–for their standards–the couple decide to move into a smaller place. Who needs a fancy house? It’s better to have some extra spending money to have a little fun!

While all of this was happening, Jane was dealing with issues with #dicktator Scott at the Marbella. The Marbella is a ghost town and he thinks that theme nights and harder shifts for the lounge staff will help. Jane, Lina, and the rest of the employees are rightfully pissed, but Petranezka and Scott are this icky impenetrable force–you can’t reason with them much. Long story short, the Flamingo party happens, and Jane and Petranezka end up in the pool fighting. Casual. Where’s Rafael in all of this? Oh, you know, dealing with the death of his mother, supporting Luisa and doing favors for Rogelio…

Source: CW Network // Jane The Virgin

Rafael and Rogelio (and Luisa) 

Rogelio wants a part in the Hallmark Christmas movie, The Christmas Cookie, written by Jane Seymour(’s character), and he assumes he needs to use sex to get the part. Well, it turns out he does, just not HIS sex. She’s interested in Rafael. This finally prompts Rogelio to realize that Rafael is extremely attractive, which makes him want to be friends (such a celebrity thing to do). Rafael agrees to go out with Jane Seymour, because families do favors for one another (brb crying), but things don’t go too well. We get to see Rafael in a handsome blue suit, which is always nice, but Jane couldn’t really control herself, and Rafael wasn’t into it. Needless to say, Rogelio didn’t get the part.

While Rafael was out with Jane Seymour, Rogelio babysat Luisa. Which is a trigger word for her…watch i! Rogelio is basically a therapist thanks to all of his great acting experience, so he helps Luisa get to the root of her drinking problem. She realizes that the reason she drinks so much is because she feels like she’s always letting Rafael down. He’s such a great brother to her, and she causes him nothing but pain. She and Rogelio decide she’s going back to  rehab–as a preventative measure. How will this work with Rose? She’s definitely lurking somewhere!

Source: CW Network // Jane The Virgin

*heavenly music plays in background* 

Xiomara and Alba

Xo starts her new big girl job as a teller at a bank and she’s super excited about it, but everyone and their mom knows she’ll hate it. And she does. She quits after one day, but is too scared to tell Alba. Alba finally finds out when they run into each other at the Marbella. It turns out, neither woman wanted to press the other, because their relationship has been going so well. This leads to a revelation for Alba, too; she doesn’t have to be a nurse for a crochety old lady! She can do what she likes: work in the Marbella gift shop!! Was anyone else getting vibes that she likes the employee there??

Finally, the bombshell

Magda’s scary friend gets out of prison and threatens Anezka to sell her shares quick or else. She gets some pushback from Rafael and Scott, but she can’t tell either of them what’s really going on, because it will give away her identity. At the end of the episode, she threatens to tell the police how Rafael covered up all of his dad’s financial no-no’s if he doesn’t sell his shares to her, too. This is not good this is not good. Luckily, she bumps into Jane and the way out, and thanks to a little squeak, Jane pieces together that she’s not Petra! Finally! And she runs in to tell Rafael! Does this mean we’ll get Petra back soon??


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