Source: Forest City Comic Con

Forest City Comic Con: a 2-day, activity-filled nerd haven in London, Ontario, Canada. 2016 is only the third year this convention has been running, and it’s only going to continue to grow. A weekend jam-packed with informative and entertaining panels, vendor tables selling all things nerdy, and enough gaming demos and art displays to satisfy a person of any level of geekdom, this convention offers something for everyone.

 Day 1 – Saturday, November 5 – I saw the street outside the convention centre lined with cosplayers and guests of all ages. As soon as the doors opened, people dispersed to the various levels to attend the first panels or compete in gaming tournaments. Highlights of the day included Q&As and panels with motion-capture pro Reuben Langdon, a hilarious performance by The 404s improv comedy group, and voice-acting discussion panels with Paul St Peter.

Day 2 featured a number of attractions, from a comic book “super panel” with Jason Loo, Bill & Linda Reinhold, and Ray Fawkes; an immensely entertaining performance by Super Art Fight; and even more panels on nearly any nerdy subject you could think of, from tarot card reading to cosplaying on a budget.

As with all conventions, the feeling of sadness when it ends is contagious, as the vendor floors empty and the streets once again become lined with cosplayers. There’s also a feeling that can only be described as a mixture of happiness and exhaustion, in the nerdiest sense.

This fantastic convention, while young in geek years, has amassed a loyal following that will continue to grow with the con itself. That right there is the awesome power of fandom.