How To Get Away With Murder S3E7: “Call It Mother’s Intuition”


This week on How To Get Away With Murder, everyone’s got mommy issues.

In the present day, Annalise is still in jail and we learn that the charges are arson and first-degree murder. The evidence: an anonymous source.

TWO WEEKS EARLIER: Wes lies to the NYPD detectives and tells them that he saw Charles Mahoney across the street the night of his father’s murder. This does not make Mama Annalise very happy since it’s a risky move and Wes has no way of knowing whether or not Charles Mahoney has an alibi.


The clinic case of the week is to defend the three Duvall siblings (Jarred, Nelson, and Karen) accused of poisoning their mother, Edith, with antifreeze. Edith believes that her kids, who absolutely despise her, tried to kill her. There’s a decent amount of evidence that the kids hate her enough to kill her—text messages about beheading her and cooking her with chili come to mind—but the siblings all maintain their innocence. They claim that they were just joking and did not actually murder their mother. They definitely hate her, though, and Annalise tells them they have to fake affection for their mother even though she’s emotionally and verbally abusive. Annalise tells the gang to find an alternate suspect and that whoever finds one will get an automatic A on her midterm.


Wes and Laurel are still hooking up. They pretend they’re going to interview suspects but they’re actually going to bone. Somehow no one notices that Frank is in the next room being super creepy and listening.

Annalise is stress eating because she can’t drink, and Bonnie suggests she have Laurel call her dad to try to find Frank. Bonnie says that Frank won’t talk to her but leaves out the part where they totally did it. She doesn’t say anything specific but it seems like Annalise knows what went down between Frank and Bonnie. Annalise is struggling to come up with a plan and she tells Bonnie, “I think better when I drink.”

Bonnie gets her to go to one of her court-ordered AA meetings and when she walks in (late, of course) President Hargrove is telling her story. She was drunk driving with her kids in the car and her husband divorced her and took the kids. Annalise talks to Hargrove after the meeting. The president is still trying to be friendly with Annalise, who still doesn’t trust her.


Oliver is still super into Thomas and they are about to go on their third date, which Asher points out is “the sex date.” Asher and Michaela give him some good-natured shit while Connor listens uncomfortably.

Asher finds a suspect: a guy named Roger who works at the family’s grocery store. Roger had sent an email to someone that included a link to an article about poisoning. The only problem is that the person he sent it to is the sister, Karen. Roger is her boyfriend and she had a secret email so that she could keep the relationship from her mother, who would inevitably ruin it. There goes Asher’s easy A.

Wes runs into Nate at courthouse and he tells him to watch his ass. It’s not clear whether he’s talking about the NYPD or Annalise but it’s probably both.


Meanwhile, Laurel asks Wes about Meggy while they are naked in bed, which is a totally normal thing to do??? In response, Wes tells Laurel that he has wanted her since their first day of class together, which is weird because I’ve watched the first season of HTGAWM multiple times and there’s absolutely no evidence that Wes had a thing for Laurel. If memory serves, he was so into Rebecca that it ruined literally everyone’s life but hey, who needs continuity between seasons? ANYWAY.

Connor calls Wes to tell him that he’s screwed because Charles Mahoney does in fact have an alibi. The K5 gathers at Annalise’s house, expecting Mommy to have a plan but she doesn’t and she finally admits the truth to them: she has no idea what to do. In this rare moment of honesty, Annalise admits that she sometimes lies to keep them from worrying. At this point, they all start to go off on her for always lying and keeping secrets from them. Annalise takes a seat and tells them to go for it.


There’s a montage of the K5 just ripping her a new one. Each person, in their own, individual way, tells Annalise how absolutely miserable and crazy they are since they have gotten involved with her and how she’s just basically the worst. Wes is the only one who doesn’t participate because, as he tells Annalise, “You already know how I feel about you.”

After the third/sex date, Oliver is ready to sleep with Thomas. He excuses himself for a minute and gives himself a pep talk in the bathroom, but he soon finds out that Thomas is not down with sleeping with a guy who is HIV positive. Poor Oliver 😦


Bonnie brings Annalise some cake like the absolute angel she is. While watching the interview Edith Duvall gave the press, Annalise has an epiphany: Evil Mom poisoned herself to teach her kids a lesson. Annalise tells Bonnie, “I can understand why a mother would want to punish her ungrateful children.” It’s a bit of a leap, if you ask me, but whatever. Annalise tells Laurel to confront Edith during the deposition, which she does perfectly by pretending to be incompetent and catching her off guard. Laurel gets her to admit she knew about Karen’s secret relationship because she snooped into her email. Laurel, the person (besides Michaela) who needs it the least, gets the auto A. The poor, dumb boys will just have to—gasp—actually study.


Annalise seems to be coming around on Hargrove and offers her an olive branch in the form of the contact info for an attorney to help her with her custody agreement, That’s about as sentimental as Annalise gets so Hargrove should consider it a win.

Oliver shows up drunk at Michaela’s apartment and tells Connor about Thomas. Oliver admits to Connor that he misses him, and to his credit he does know how absolutely unfair it is for him to come drunk and sobbing to Connor after being rejected by Thomas. Connor, of course, doesn’t care why he’s there just that he is finally admitting that he misses him and I am happy to announce that COLIVER IS BACK—and in Michaela’s bed, no less. Michaela and Asher come home to find Coliver snuggly on the couch and Asher’s pretty stoked to have his “bro-mos” back together. Michaela, being the queen that she is, immediately notices that her duvet is not as she left it. I feel like Connor is going to pay for that.


Frank shows up at Bonnie’s and tells her that she was right—that he should have just come back and asked Annalise’s forgiveness—but he wanted to do something to prove to her that she can trust him. Frank is truly sorry that he bolted on Bonnie at the motel but she’s not having any of his excuses. That trust is irreparably broken and Bonnie no longer believes that Frank actually cares about her but that he was just using her. Frank ends up in tears and Bonnie kicks him out of her place. My dreams of Frank and Bonnie moving to the Oregon Coast and having babies are dead.


Me too, Frank. Me too.

Rejected by Bonnie once and for all, Frank goes back to Laurel’s and ninjas his way inside just in time to hear her let the “I love you” slip to Wes on the phone. When she hangs up Frank goes “Really?” and, honestly, SAME.

TWO WEEKS LATER: Laurel wakes up in the ER and Meggy is by her bedside. Laurel has a tube in her throat and is frantically trying to tell Meggy something. She ends up writing it down: WES. We learn that—thank the lord—Wes is not the one #underthesheet. He is, however, seemingly the person who has turned on Annalise. He’s with the detectives negotiating his immunity, which is the only way he will give them what they want on Annalise.


Now, this being HTGAWM, I’m not in any way convinced that Wes is *actually* ratting on Annalise. I think it’s some kind of stalling tactic or secret plan that she came up with or… I don’t know, SOMETHING, but of all of them, Wes is the least likely to give her up so I think there’s something else going on here. If it was Connor, I would 100% believe it but Wes and Annalise have the world’s weirdest codependent relationship so I’m not buying it. I’m just happy Wes isn’t dead. I feel like, at this point, it’s probably going to be Frank, but only time will tell.


Author: Ali Sciarabba

Twitter: @alimscribbles

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