Welcome back fans, unfortunately last week we were left without a new episode but thankfully  the show came back with a bang. Typically, episodes of “Bob’s Burgers” are only split into two story-lines but “Legends of the Mall” (episode 5 of season 10) took us on a journey with Bob, Linda, Tina and the two youngest Belcher’s. Everything this latest installment brought highlighted the potential choices bring to the people who make them but we’ll go into further detail in a minute. We’re going to do a brief analysis of the episode and discuss what it all means. With that being said let us get into it.

Bobs Burgers (Legends Of The Mall (3))

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The composition through out the run time is tastefully executed as the flow is continuous with little to no breaks. From beginning to end, viewers got to experience each story in  adequate segments of time. This allowed the more compelling stories to develop without rush but not neglect  the smaller tales. Furthermore, the plots are humble and not to outrageous for the “Bob’s Burgers” universe. Overall, it was an interesting, homogeneous script.

When we first read the title, we wondered if this episode was inspired by the “Daria” episode with the same title. After viewing it, we didn’t see any true connection but it was simple an interesting coincidence.

Bobs Burgers (Legends Of The Mall (2))

Photo Source: Bob’s Burgers – FOX

In total, there are four plot-lines to follow in this episode. Bob is in need of new pants but struggles to settle on a pair. Linda gets held up at a book signing of an author she enjoys. Tina sets out to make a point to Tammy and Jocelyn but then gets caught up in the lie. All while Gene and Louise are struggling with their plush animal scooters (if you’ve been to a mall you will know what they are).

What made this such a captivating twenty something minutes was the simple fact that each Belcher is different. Each one came to that mall with different needs and objectives. Since they all posses a unique character, watching them navigate around the situations they put themselves in and seeing how they chose to handle all of it was a true delight. Each family members quirkiness really shined this time around as it felt that the writing really stuck with the characters general manner. We are only five episodes into the season, and there are plenty more exciting episodes ahead, but we fell this one will definitely be up there on our list.

Bobs Burgers (Legends Of The Mall (5))

Photo Source: Bob’s Burgers – FOX

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