“Wait you want me to get shot 3 times?” Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

Oliver’s biggest current mission is to find Rene AKA, Wild Dog who has been captured by Church. The team is trying to shake down the streets to find one of the dealers who knows Church’s location. After a few dead ends they get some sort of lead from from a street punk, John Diggle is tired of just hanging around in hiding so he heads back to help the team. Ragman and Artemis are searching the area they had a lead from and find where Rene used to be at. They call it in to Felicity, who tells them that she gave her word to Oliver that she would only tell him if they found a lead.

So with the lead that is in the woods, Green Arrow finds the group and is able to stop a group of Church’s men. They were having Rene dig his own grave, during the melee Church made his escape without putting up much of a fight. Rene says that the reason is because he unfortunately told Church who Green Arrow’s alter ego is and now he knows that he is the Mayor Oliver Queen. Church wants to monopolize the drug trade from 5 cities but he knows he has to get rid of Oliver first to do that. He knows it is easier to eliminate Oliver as mayor compared to Green Arrow.

Church with his new found information hires an assassin to kill Oliver Queen, Prometheus comes and warns Church that he is not supposed to kill Oliver and fires a shot towards him but his new guard stops it. Church says he is not killing Green Arrow he is killing Oliver Queen but Prometheus says that’s his last warning.

Oliver who has been hit hard from the local news outlets for his mayoral job has realized that he needs to stop fighting the press and needs to try to talk to the press to get on his side. He talks to the lead reporter, after she was involved in talks with an official to approve a re-zoning proposition for low income housing, during this second talk Oliver asks her why she is so upset, is it good reporting or a vendetta? Oliver convinces the reporter that he acknowledges he is under qualified and experienced, but he can’t show what he is capable of doing if he is spending all his time fighting bad press. He says he wants to know if he can have a month without bad press to have a chance to show what he can do, if after that month things aren’t better it is open season on him and his practices. The reporter agrees to that terms and gives Oliver her personal cell phone number.

After Oliver and Thea have had a chance to do some research about the last re-zoning measure that the council person didn’t want to approve calls him in for another meeting. They tell him that after research they realize that the council person isn’t against re-zoning because he is afraid of what the Queens will do this time, they tell him they found out it is for personal reasons as he has an investor that would make a lot of money without passing the low income housing measure. After telling him that he will change his vote or they will expose his situation, Oliver and Thea leave the meeting where Church’s assassin shoots Oliver’s security detail and Oliver on the steps. At 1:23 AM, the deputy mayor Lance is sad to inform everyone that Oliver has been pronounced dead.

It is a cover for the team to try to capture Church and the other drug lords when they try to make the move on the city. As all of this was going on, Rene is bunked with John Diggle while this is all going on and Diggle is trying to get Rene to think back about what happened when he was with Church to try to get a clue on where, or what might be happening. After a bunch of angles, Rene finally tries to think back with John’s help and is able to think of something that might help.

With this new information the team finds out where they should set up for the night to stop the drug lords. They do end up at the right spot, and with all of the teams help, even with the man who is called Human Target who is impersonating a thug, stops all of Church’s men. Green Arrow ends up with a 1 on 1 fight with Church, and he is able to stop Church so he could be captured. Church said it doesn’t matter because someone is going to go after him, and his name is Prometheus and he is going to kill him.

After this happens, Oliver Queen shows himself at a press conference and apologizes for his antics and explain why the risk was worth the fake death. How they stopped Church and drug lords of 5 other cities. The reporter continues to do digging and finds out that the person who took the bullet for Oliver is named Christopher Chance, who seems to have been around Oliver Queen 5 years ago when he was in Bratva on a deserted island. With this information the reporter thinks that something might be more involved.

When Church is being taken to jail, he seems very nervous. It turns out his fears were warranted as someone attacks the police detail, and ends up killing everyone. When he gets to Church, Church tries to call a truce and give some information to Prometheus for his life. He tells Prometheus who Oliver Queen really is and asks if they are good. Prometheus says yes and still kills him.