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Supergirl was all about secrets. The kind of secrets we keep from ourselves and from others. Everyone usually has something to hide, but aliens tend to have more shocking secrets than the rest of us.

This episode had a lot going on for it. An alien fight club, bros being’ bros, and more adorable dorkiness from Alex and Maggie. The biggest storyline however, was all about Miss Martian.

I felt for J’onn this episode. He so badly wanted to get to know his new friend and she was not here for it. We pick up on this storyline from last week, with J’onn going to visit the bar once again and talk to M’gann. His first question is an obvious one : How did she survive when their whole race was murdered and he barely survived?

M’gann tells talks about a very sad tale, about the camps they were kept in and watching all of their people die. Her story is similar to J’onn’s own, except for one small detail. In the area where she was kept in, there was a White Martian who broke rank, refused a kill order and helped M’gann get off the planet.

According to what we know of White Martians so far, that story is incredible. White Martians all seemed to be morally black killing machines completely focused on the complete extinction of Green Martians.

We are learning this season though, that it’s not fair to judge an entire race on a few’s actions (even if it’s most of the race that’s completely irredeemable sometimes).

After her tale of woe, J’onn asks if they can ‘bond’ in the normal martian telepathy way. He seems so down right eager about it and almost desperate. I wanted to just give him a hug when she shot him down quickly and efficiently.

Over at the DEO, Alex gets a phone call from Maggie and its the first time I’ve ever heard “wanna see a dead body?” sound like a pick up line.

Supergirl and Alex meet up at the crime scene and Kara is quick to notice how she is basically invisible when the detective and agent start finishing each other’s sentences.

The crime scene consists of an alien, who is from a planet of pacifists basically. Which makes it odd that he was beat to death and has offensive wounds of his own. Maggie and Alex quickly track down the evidence they found to another alien, but when they confront him, he is quickly picked up by a mysterious van full of soldiers with full on tack gear.

At first I thought it was Cadmus, but we quickly find out that is is the fight club that is being run by Veronica Sinclair aka Roulette  (Dichen Lachman). Maggie once again calls Alex and asks her out again.

They meet up in an alleyway, both dressed to the nines and Alex shows us another side of her personality. She is a badass gun toting secret agent, but she can not flirt or take compliments if her life depended on it.

Inside the fight club, we see that it is actually a prestigious event, will all sorts of important people from the city dressed in masks and taking part while sipping champagne.

In the first fight of the evening, we see it is the alien that was picked up earlier, and none other than M’gann. While the picked up alien is definitely there by force, M’gann seems to be there of her free will.

Maggie and Alex get spotted for being narcs fairly quickly, so it’s a good thing Alex already called Supergirl, since neither of them called for backup and Alex did bring any type of weapon. Seriously, why didn’t she bring a single gun or knife or anything? Because she thought it was a date, that’s why.

Back at the DEO, Alex and Kara break the news to J’onn that his new friend is definitely “not what she seems”. I feel like we’re going to hear that phrase a lot of season when it comes to M’gann.

J’onn immediately finds her apartment and phases right through the door without so much as a knock. Rude much?!

Now we start to get into some of the deeper stuff with M’gann. They fight about right and wrong and remembering their people, but she makes a good point. J’onn wants to remember their planet and people forever. But M’gann just wants to forget all the horrible shit they went through and how everyone she knew died. Understandable.

She tells him to get out and never come back, but not before officially telling him Roulette’s name, so she’s not completely heartless.

J’onn of course, goes back later and gets picked up by Roulette’s goons in the van. She did warn him not to come back I suppose.

Now that he’s been taken, Kara and Alex go on a warpath to find him but quickly see that the fight club is a *moving* fight club. With no idea how to find the new location asap, Kara does something pretty smart, and potentially supremely stupid. She goes to Lena Luthor.

I honestly do understand exactly why Lena is so taken with Kara. Don’t get me wrong, I like it. Their dynamic is cute and they seem like they could be awesome friends. I’m just saying, Lena obviously doesn’t have a lot of friends if she is so taken with the reporter who is always breaking into her office so quickly.

Kara assumes, since Lena is super rich, that she must be on Roulette’s guest list for the fights. She would be right fortunately. Unfortunately, the information is given with the insinuation that Kara now ‘owes’ Lena. That kind of debt never amounts to much good.

We find J’onn and M’gann both locked up at the fight club, and being forced to fight each other to the death. This pisses M’gann off because apparently she never fights to the death, just injures enough to win. Kudos I suppose?

They both change into their green forms and fight for a bit until J’onn starts in on a speech about how they are both forgiven. The speech obviously impacts her very deeply as she stops the fight and refuses to fight him. Roulette foresaw this outcome, which is good because trying to get the last two members of a species to fight each other to death is kind of dumb and overly cruel.

She brings out the gladiator alien that kicked Kara’s ass earlier in the episode. Just then Alex and Maggie bust in (with backup for once!) along with Supergirl and manage to save the day.

They manage to arrest Roulette, just for her to get let go almost right way. I guess having friends in high places helps. I’m actually a bit glad for this though, it just means we’ll get to see the actress and character again this season hopefully.

After letting her go, Alex goes to find Maggie at the station and asks her out for drinks. It is unbearably adorable and I’m fairly certain we’ve never seen Alex smile this much in the entire series thus far. It all goes crashing down in flames when Maggie’s girlfriend shows up and they kiss right in front of her.

Alex’s whole array of facial expressions during this whole event is just so sad, but I actually really like that the show is taking its time with these two and really setting them up, instead of insta-dating.

The episode ends with M’gann, back in her apartment, looking at herself in a mirror. What is she looking at you may ask? Herself as she transforms into a White Martian!

Okay here is the thing, I know very very little but the absolute basics about Miss Martian’s storyline in the usual comics. I know she is a fan favorite in the Young Justice series so I looked up the baseline info over the summer and kept it at that. Supergirl has already aged her  up it seems so they are planning on changing stuff. So if I get some info wrong about your favorite character, it’s not because I just didn’t care enough to look it up, it’s because I want to go along with the story that SG is trying to tell for its characters.

I like the story that the show is giving us now. It’s like two different kinds of survivor’s guilt and if they can move past their prejudices and become close. M’gann is obviously the White Martian from her story, so now I have two big questions.

1.  What happened to the Green Martian that she helped escape? Was that part of the story even true?

2.   Why does she change into a Green Martian all the time? Before she even knew J’onn existed and was in the fight club she changed herself to look green.

This is obviously going to be a very drama filled storyline, but M’gann really does seem to have good intentions deep down. She just wants to live her damn life and forget that her entire race were basically Nazi’s.

The other two small storylines of this episode was once again Kara working on her reporting and sparring with Snapper. I’m really enjoying him as a character and he truly is helping her become a better writer so I’m all about this storyline.

Mon-El showed up all through out in small bits. He is basically a frat boy. Which means I should and normally would hate him out of sheer principle but Chris Wood is just so charming! He’s adorable and I don’t blame Winn one bit for giving in and taking him out drinking. Winn needs a friend.

I’m liking Winn a whole lot more this season now that he is getting small, but actual storylines that don’t involve pining over Kara.

Submitted By Jenn Lueck