Source: CW Network // Jane The Virgin

This mid-season finale of Jane The Virgin ended with quite the bombshell(s)!

Let’s start with the biggest one:

Rafael spent the entire episode on some sort of acid trip…okay maybe not, but he spent a lot of time losing focus and flashing back to a traumatizing memory in a convent with his mother (Mutter). This all started because he (begrudgingly) went to church with Jane, Michael, and Mateo and he saw a statue that triggered his memories. Through the course of the episode, we learn that Rafael has made some questionable decisions in his life to protect the Solano legacy (like hiding smuggled art). Jane, of course, berates him for his actions and they get into an argument. These two will never really have a harmonious relationship until Jane can stop being so judgy; at least now, Rafael isn’t afraid to stand up for himself. Moving on, some digging leads Jane and Rafael to the convent where all of his memories took place. Rafael meets the mysterious Mother Superior who helped her dad smuggle art and we learn…gasp…that Rafael is NOT his parents’ child. He’s not a Solano!! Which, at this point, nobody knows but Jane. Learning this information led him to turn himself into the police, regardless of the consequences. I wonder where this revelation will lead him–will we see a brand new Rafael in 2017?

Touching back on the story above, Jane decides it’s time to take Mateo to church…mostly because Alba guilts her into it. Rafael thinks he’s way too young, and Michael’s not super into it either…because he’s an EC catholic (Easter and Christmas). He cries the whole time, so they decide maybe every week is too much. But, most importantly, Jane has a revelation about herself: she hasn’t attended church in a while, and it’s because Michael got shot. She’s upset with God–luckily she sorted these feelings out at a convent, the best place to do such things, and was reassured that everyone doubts their faith at one time or another.

Elsewhere/adjacent to Jane’s main storyline, Catalina is like a leech you can’t pull off. She finally moved out of Jane and Michael’s house and right into the Marbella. Doesn’t she have a job? A life? A family to get back to?? These are all questions Jane is wondering, and her suspicions rise even further when she sees rolls of cash and jewels in one of Catalina’s bags. Of course, Catalina has some sort of convoluted answer for everything, so Jane backed off. But we learned at the end of the episode that she is definitely working with, AND sleeping with, some sort of white collar criminal. Great! Just what we need: more crime at The Marbella!

Rogelio decides to work with a “LOVE dealer” named Darci to help find his perfect match…he wants a baby, remember? Darci matches him with such middle aged b-listers as Carmen Electra, Brooke Burke, and Denise Richards. None of them were up to par; none of them were Xiomara. He can’t get over her, but he still wants a baby. Solution? Darci, the Love Dealer!

So, we got three big bombshells to lead us into the new year:

1. Rafael’s not a Solano.

2. Catalina is some sort of criminal.

3. Rogelio’s having a baby with Darci.

How will this all play out?? Entertainingly, I’m sure.