Check out the previous episode here. Now that the whole gang has made their way to the distant future one way or another, what does the apocalypse have in store for the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? This episode is directed by the Director himself – Clark Gregg, who plays Phil Coulson!


Source: Marvel Television/ABC Studios. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Elizabeth Henstridge as Jemma Simmons, Iain de Caestecker as Leopold Fitz.

At Kasius’ meeting, getting ready for the auction, Enoch is pointing out all the other guests to Leo Fitz, and why they are all terrible people. No worries, though; he has concocted an even worse reputation for Fitz as a bounty hunter and murderer with endless pockets. Kasius and his right-hand woman Sinara take note of Fitz (or “Boshtok the Marauder”, as he is known) as they have never seen him, and decide to keep an eye on him. Fitz is shaken as he notices that one of Kasius’ servitors is his girlfriend Jemma Simmons. He approaches her, asking her to play it cool, and pours his heart out to her behind her back in a beautiful speech. He asks her to marry him. Little does he know that Simmons has been deafened by Kasius, and she has no idea he is there. Kasius approaches, asking if there is a problem, and Simmons notices for the first time. Fitz asks to buy Simmons, and Kasius says she will be part of the package deal for Daisy Johnson – “Quake, the Destroyer of Worlds”.

A character we haven’t seen much of, Flint, makes his way through the Lighthouse. The young teenager is scavenging just to get by when he is picked up by the a large Kree guard called The Vicar: it’s time for the Harvest. Tess, Coulson, “Mack” Mackenzie and “Yo-Yo” Rodriguez arrive just in time for the ceremony. The Kree guards take four teenagers and subject them to Terrigen mists. Only Flint turns. Yo-Yo is upset and can’t watch, and leaves – Terrigenesis is hard enough without having to serve as Kasius’ warrior-slave. Flint’s coccoon breaks open, but nothing is there. Elsewhere, it is revealed that Yo-Yo rushed him to safety with her super-speed.

While Daisy tries to plot an escape for her and Ben, Kasius and his guests feast, among them Boshtok – Fitz, undercover. The passive-aggressive guests speak of Kasius’ exile – which is he quick to remind them is not an exile – and his guest Ponarian brings out rare Xandarian snail for everyone. Fitz, putting on his best villain (carrying over from last season?) does a great job insulting everyone and making them somehow love him even more. They leave to watch a showdown between some Inhumans that were harvested before the auction.

As Tess tries to convince The Vicar that she isn’t hiding Flint, hetries to leave to claim his better life, but Yo-Yo tries to convince him that it is a ruse. The rest of the team arrive. In order to help Flint through the process, Yo-Yo tells Flint the story of how she realized she had super-speed. Their taskmaster Grill shows up and magnetizes all their Metrics to the wall, saying that Kasius will want to hear that story himself.

In order to excite his guests, Kasius shows a display of Ben’s abilities by pitting him against an Earth warrior from long ago – S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Melinda May. Throughout the fight, May and Ben use his powers to communicate telepathically. May holds her own, but is no match and ultimately gets defeated. To avoid killing May, Ben projects a thought to Fitz, who exclaims he is bored and that May should be sent to Earth instead to fight Vrellnexians. Some lords and ladies place bids on Ben, but Kasius reveals that he knows Ben lied to him to help Daisy. He has Sinara kill him before anyone can buy.

Rest in peace, Ben. We hardly knew ya.

The agents try to convince Grill to let them go, but he is more interested in the price they will fetch. As they try talking him out of it, Flint’s powers start to manifest, tossing rocks around the room. Grill pulls a gun on the teen, demanding he knock it off, when a giant boulder forms and crushes him.

Rest in peace, Grill. We hardly got to hate ya.

Preparing for the next fight, Simmons goes to speak with Daisy. They talk about how – yet again – it seems to be just them against the world. They try to figure out what Fitz’ plan is and how he got to the future, but come up short. Simmons reveals she smuggled a bread knife from the kitchen. As Simmons leaves, she runs into Fitz – but is quickly pulled aside by another servitor for an emergency. Enoch explains that Kasius’ hated brother Faulnak has arrived, and Kasius intends to sell him Daisy. Enoch hands Fitz an I.C.E.R. pistol and leaves. Fitz confronts Kasius, who doesn’t budge.

Mack, Coulson, Yo-Yo and Flint look for somewhere to escape from the Kree guards and find another casualty: Tess. She was hanged by The Vicar as a warning to return Flint.

Rest in peace, Tess. I’m running out of things to say.

The final fight of the evening, at the request of Faulnak, is between Sinara and Daisy. As an added precaution, Kasius turns on a shield in the viewing box before turning off Daisy’s power inhibitor. Sinara is upset that Kasius made her fight to the death, and starts aggressively before the inhibitor is turned off. The pair fight, with Sinara retaining the upper hand, before Daisy knocks her out with a powerful blast and nods to Fitz as a signal. Fitz knocks out Ponarian and disables the shield while Simmons slits Kasius’ throat (fairly ineffectively) with her butter knife. Daisy blasts herself up to the viewing area and is about to quake Faulnak before he turns on her inhibitor, causing her to crash to the ground. Fitz shoots the other nobles with his I.C.E.R. and him and Simmons jump to the arena floor, shooting the shield back on in midair. Fitz and Simmons kiss and Simmons asks him to marry her. Fitz says yes and admits he already proposed, but she doesn’t believe him. No, he really did! They escape with Daisy.

Fitz and Simmons are getting married!


Oh, God. Which one is going to die?

In a post-credits scene, a very inconspicuous Kree who is definitely not Enoch in blueface tries to take the elevator down to Earth. When the guard doesn’t buy his clever disguise, he shoots him.

What an episode, Mr. Gregg! A wedding and three funerals! It feels like we are both ramping up in the space arc and also like we are nowhere near it almost being over. I could watch a full season of this.

I give this episode an 8/10.

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