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The WatchList: Zootopia

Welcome back to The Watchlist. Where I finally watch the messy sock drawer that is my Netflix Watchlist, because if I don’t watch it then Who Watches The Netflix Watchlist?


This Week: Zootopia

Source: Zootopia // Netflix // Disney

Zootopia is finally on Netflix! Heart emoji, heart emoji, party horn emoji! (Isn’t fun to write out emoji names? No? ) I carried that excitement into my viewing and possibly because I have only heard glowing reviews, I loved it. It was an allegory for the complex issues of race, and inequality in our society, and full of cute lil’ sheepies and bunnies!

The plot is that Hopps is a bunny that wants to be a police officer, but in Zootopia Officer roles only go to predators and big prey. She makes it through the odd, only to find she’s going to be a meter maid. She kills it though. She meets Nick Wilde ( a fox which bunnies naturally have negative opinions of) and she forces him to solve a case with her. Her chief gives her two days to solve it and eventually they find that Preadators are becoming evil and no one knows why. Hopps blames (innocently) biology. WHOA. WE WENT THERE IN A CARTOON. THEY OPENED UP IMPLICIT BIAS, BIOLOGICAL DETERMINISM, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: fear as a tactic of compliance. See below.

Source: Zootopia // Netflix // Disney

So this is the Assistant Mayor of Zootopia and she is seemingly on Hopps and Wilde’s side. Until they find out about the conspiracy and she tries to shoot Wilde with the poison that makes predators wild.


Eventually the sheep goes to jail and Hopps learns that Zootopia is a lot more complicated than she thought. They end with Shakira singing as a Gazelle about trying even if you will fail. Just another thing to fear not, love wins in Zootopia, now can we make it win in our own Zootopia?

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