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Jane the Virgin “Chapter 26”

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Jane chose the wrong guy.

End of recap.

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Jk Jk. Am I being juvenile? Maybe. But man, I am just eternally pissed about Jane picking Michael over Rafael. I honestly just don’t get it. Michael is a “nice guy”, but he’s also holier-than-thou, and annoying, and about a 6 on the hotness scale, where Rafael is a straight up 10.

Once again, sorry. I’m being so immature about this, but let me just poke some holes in Jane’s reason for “choosing” Michael. 1. She kissed him when she was drunk, and it’s a scientific fact that everyone is more desirable when they’re drunk and kisses are “better”. So don’t base you’re reasoning on that, Janey. 2. Because Rafael is the father of her child, it’s natural that there is more conflict between them, where everything is smooth sailing with her and Michael. They should not be compared, because they are two completely different relationships. She’s so hard on Rafael, and Michael could murder someone and she’d say: it was probably for the best! Which brings me to my deep, dark thoughts that are killing me: maybe she really does love Michael more than Rafael. As I said, Michael can do no wrong, whereas Rafael does everything wrong. If she does love Rafael, she has a funny way of showing it. I think Jane’s biggest character flaw is the fact that she’s self-righteous, and she can’t get over the fact that Raf is a rich, ex-playboy, hotel owner, and she considers herself better than him. Until she can stop judging him for the person he used to be and give him a real chance, they will never have a successful relationship.

Here’s the bright side (for me anyway), are we really supposed to believe that this triangle is done? That was the 4th episode of the season, and this is (basically) a telenovela. There is plenty more drama to come, and I for one, can’t wait!

Now, when Jane finally loses her Virginity can we promote the week as “La Semana de Hacer el Amor”? That makes sense, right? Anyway, thank God Ro and Xo are still doing well, and they were able to fight the plague that is Luciana—all by stealing some little bunnies! I’ve gotta say, I was not expecting that tape to be filled with Scientology Audits. That was a fun twist, and of course Rogelio used to be a scientologist—I’m sure he worshipped Kabbalah for a time, too. I hope we get to find out what’s on that tape, even if it’s an extra on the season 2 DVD. Rogelio will be the saving grace of this show for me until Jane comes to her senses and takes back Rafael.

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