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After an episode that focused solely on Darlene and fsociety, this week we return to Elliot and Mr. Robot, in an episode that takes us through Elliot’s entire stint in prison, and explains that, surprisingly, his incarceration had nothing to do with the 5/9 hacks.

Remember in season 1 when Elliot threatened his therapist’s boyfriend, hacked his personal information and stole his dog? Yeah, that’s the reason Elliot’s been in jail. After pleading guilty and admitting everything, Elliot is convicted of a felony and sentenced to 18 months in prison. Yet he serves only 86 days. While his incarceration had nothing to do with the hacks, it seems his release does – as the system has become overloaded with offenders, leading to the early release of non-violent prisoners, including Elliot. Or, at least that’s what a guard leads us to believe. Elliot, however, seems to think that the Dark Army is responsible for his release.

But can we trust Elliot? Especially now since he seems to be descending into madness. We already know that Mr. Robot and Elliot are one person – with Mr. Robot being a personality that Elliot takes on to protect himself. But now? The two seem to be dissolving into one.

Which brings us back to Darlene and Cisco. Remember last week when the episode ended with Darlene bashing Cisco over the head with a baseball bat? It turns out he’s surprisingly just fine. In fact, he helps Darlene hack the Dark Army and later offers to help retrieve evidence that might tie her to Susan Jacobs’ death. I left the episode wondering exactly what last week’s cliff-hanger was even for, but as with most episodes of Mr. Robot, it’s pointless to question.

Elsewhere, Angela is becoming a bona fide hacker! She is able to hack her way into the Washington Township file, and finds evidence that she takes to the regulatory commission. Too bad they’re in Evil Corps pocket…

With just 3 episodes left, I have to admit, I’m confused. And each episode seems to add more questions than it answers. Hopefully we begin to get some resolution as this season progresses!